Experience Saigon at Le Meridien KL


From the 16th to the 22nd of May, Le Meridien KL will be hosting three young and energetic Vietnamese Chefs from Saigon, Chef Tran Cong Tien, Chef Nguyen Thi Duy and Chef Bui Van Tien Dung from the Sheraton Saigon. If you would like to sample their authentic Vietnamese fare, then head on down to Latest Recipe for dinner- the restaurant in Le Meridien that serves International cuisine in buffet style.You will see these three Chef’s with their own counter, doing live cooking demonstrations on food from their home-town, including Seafood Spring Rolls, Beef Noodle Soup, Seafood Hot and Sour Noodle Soup, Prawn Mousse on Sugar Cane, Caramelised Fish, Wok-Fried Clam with Peppercorn, Pandan Cake, Rice Dumplings with Green Bean Filling in Ginger syrup and many more. For just this short, one week duration, you will get to taste all these culinary delights, in addition to the existing buffet spread at Latest Recipe, and for the usual buffet price of RM118++ per adult and RM59++ per child.

A brief Interview and get to know the Chefs session:

Shots of the Live Demonstration at Le Meridien:P5169161

Chef Tran Cong Tien, Chef Nguyen Thi Duy and Chef Bui Van Tien Dung from the Sheraton Saigon


Le Meridien’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Andrew Fairbairn gives the opening introduction. Executive Chef of Le Meridien Chef Antoine and Chef Tran of Sheraton Saigon in the background.


How to roll the Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls + Soya Sauce – Chau Gio Hai San


Easy Peasy!


KY tries his hand at the roll


Grilled Beef Wrapped with Fragrant Leaves – Bo La Lot


Chef Tran teaches us how to fold the leave so that it looks neat and the ends are tucked in


Spring Roll – Chau Gio Hai San


Bo La Lot


Kim and her rolls


Vietnamese Coffee with a twist (served with black sago pearls)


Sticky Rice Dumpling with Green Bean Filling and Ginger Syrup – Cheo Troai Noouc


For further information, contact:
Dawn Lim,
Marketing Co-ordinator,
Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 603 2263 7754 Fax: 603 2263 7758
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.lemeridien.com/kualalumpur


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