I have found something new to obsess about.

The bubble tea trend is back in town and it’s taking the “youth of today” by storm. Pronounced CHA-time, these trendy bubble tea outlets have been springing up all over town, since July last year. Most English speaking Malaysians say CHAT-time but whatever the pronunciation, it is a very well established Taiwanese brand of Bubble Tea that is widespread worldwide, from China, South East Asia, Paris, Africa, Canada and Australia.


What I discovered, much to my delight, is that, not only is Chatime’s bubble tea fun to drink, there is also a healthy, low sugar variation that is ideal for fitness freaks like me. Chatime to suit many lifestyles and here are some of the popular ones to look out for. I myself have tried them all and attest to the fact that they taste good.

The Health & Gym Freaks – The thing about chatime drinks is, you can choose your level of sweetness for every drink from the menu. You can choose, slight, less or no sugar at all. This is great for those watching their weight or wanting to reduce their sugar intake.
My favourites:
Honey Lemon Aloe (No added sugar , with lovely chunks of Aloevera)
Honey Pomelo
Taiwanese Ice Plum Tea


Honey Pomelo


Taiwanese Ice Plum Tea

The tea Enthusiasts and purists – Chatime tea’s are made from freshly brewed tea leaves. Nothing is made from the yucky powders and flavoured syrups we all remember of bubble tea from yesteryear. You have fresh classic teas such as TieGuanYin, Pu-Erh and Genmaicha tea’s you can have on its own or with added toppings. Most of their drinks can be served hot too.
The ones to look out for:
Mango green tea
Wintermelon Grass Jelly


Mango Green Tea


Winter Melon Grass Jelly

The Adventurous Drinkers – There are lots of colourful funky new combinations to try if you’re the type to crave something exciting in texture.
I really dig the:
Grapefruit QQ
Japanese Matcha RedBean Smoothie
Strawberry Au lait


Grapefruit QQ


Japanese Matcha Red Bean Smoothie


Strawberry Au Liat

Most Regular size drinks start at RM4.90 a cup and RM5.90-6.90 for Large size cups.


Ciki and her bubble tea… Tea time, oh yeah!!

List of all Malaysian Outlets:
Pavilion KL – Lvl 4 connection level
Timesquare KL – Lower Groundfloor Centercourt
The Gardens Midvalley City – Lower Ground Floor
Sunway Pyramid – First Floor, New wing, Asian Avenue entrance
SS2 Mall – Ground Floor
SS15 Subang – First floor of shop lots; Directly facing Asia Cafe.
First Avenue Penang –  8th Floor; Next to TGV cinemas


LINK: fellow blogger who loves CHA


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