Night of Discovery @ Le Meridien KL

I love it when Le Meridien throws a blogger’s get together event. They have such finesse. We were recently invited to a “Night of Discovery” at this hotel and what it meant was that for the entire night, we would be taken on a gastronomic whirlwind tour of fine food and drinks with 5 star service to boot. This Night of Discovery really showcased Le Meridien’s various restaurant outlets,but at the same time, kept us guessing what was next. Kind of like a surprise dinner party!


At the Conservatory bar, the first salvo of grub to hit us included some rather creatively assembled canapes.. oh this was going to be a good night! As we mingled and sipped champagne, we nibbled on delicacies such as the Pan Seared Cremolate Tuna Sashimi with Sesame Wakame Salad, Diced Feta Cheese, Ratatouille and Pine Nuts in mini Pita Bread, Vine Ripe Tomato and Strawberry Gazpacho Tube, Beaten Yoghurt Froth, Martini of Tomato Salsa, Mozzarella Mousse and Pesto, and also Shaved Chicken Tandoori and Minted Raita on Chili Focaccia Bread.


Onward to Favola!

A fabulous blizzard of seafood crudi, like fresh, spicy calamari drizzled with olive oil and citrus were on display at the front counter and as Chef Antoine Rodriguez introduced us to the food laid out before us, we helped ourselves to little mounds of mushroom speckled with pepper on french toast and other delightful Italian finger food. The number of types of fresh tomato and mozzarella on display just boggled the mind. My favourites were the tiny tomatoes which were sweet and super addictive.


I love Favola. The place is just beautiful and like other venerable gourmet establishments in town, they keep reinventing themselves, and you will notice plush new red velvet furnishing around the place.


Chef Antoine commands our attention! ” EAT first, photo later!!” , that’s his motto;)


After the lovely finger food and fine introduction to dining at Favola, the first course of Antipasti, known as the Antipasti Duo was served.

Antipasti Duo

The first installment to the antipasti was the Freddo which consisted of Grilled peaches, buffalo Mozzarella adn Pecorino Rocket and Radicchio Salad; Smoked Salmon with Cold Cucumber and Macademia Puree; Fried Capers, Tangerine Dust and Chive Oil. Nice and light, this really got our gastric juices going..


The second part of the Antipasti, the Caldo was what I’d been waiting for! Wild Mushroom Risotto, Clear Beef Broth and Pan Seared Foie Gras; Chicken Meatball in Green Olive Tapenade, Onion and Roasted Bell Pepper .. creamy, rich and decadent!


The bloggers A lil Fat Monkey, KY Speaks, Fatboybakes, Chaokar and Cumi & Ciki, having dinner with Le Meridien’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Andrew Fairbairn as well as all his top management crew. We felt like super-stars.


Onward to Prime!

What awaited us at Prime, was something totally unexpected and that really blew us away. We were led to a private room and lo and behold! different cuts of Wagyu ranging from Grade 6 – 12, laid out for our inspection. So this is what it looks like before it ends up on the table!


Chef Antoine then told us the origins of the beef, the difference in grading Wagyu and finally showed us first hand, what prime marbling should look like.


We could not wait. We would soon be dining on Charcoal Grilled Blackmore Wagyu Chuck Flap Tail Marble 12, served with Roma Tomato Confit, Brocolini and Braised Intercoastal on Mascarpone Polenta.


Only the best at Prime!


Service with a smile at Le Meridien! The stellar cast of Chefs and Executives who helped make the night a memorable one.




The amazing Blackmore Wagyu steak from Prime.. there is none like it!


A lil Fat Monkey , Haze and Ciki – steak overload!


Teppanyaki Ice cream – a must try!


Chef Antoine makes us waffles on the spot

Our last stop was Latest Recipe and this was where desserts were served.


As if we were not already bursting with good food and wine, a dessert platter consisting of Honeydew Sago Shot, Carrot Cake, Lychee Tart, Chocolate Mousse with Citrus Jelly, Vanilla Crème Brule and Agar Agar was served.


This was one of the most excellent events I have been invited to this year. The “Night of Discovery” will be hard to top in my books. A big thank you to all the Le Meridien personal who organized this night for us. Harvey, Damian, Shashi… you know who you are!


Le Meridien,
2 Jalan Stesen Sentral
KL Sentral
Kuala Lumpur 50470
Phone: (60)(3) 2263 7888
GPS: 3.135631,101.686476
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