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Ah.. what can I tell you about Prime?

Well, I think that at least 90% of the KL food bloggers are in agreement. Prime’s steaks are to die for. But let’s not jump to conclusions just yet. Bring on the mandatory steak-porn and let the procession begin.

Located in Le Meridien Hotel KL, Prime is a steak lover’s paradise, with a great selection of red meats to choose from on its menu. Chef Antoine attributes the succulent flavour and tenderness of his steaks to a bit of common sense in making sure that the best cuts reach his dining table. If you sit long enough and listen to this wise Chef, he will tell you why buying lamb in summer gives a superior quality in meat, rather than if one were to buy it in winter, where the fat levels in the animal are high, thus giving it a less desirable, gamier smell. He laughing tells me he will feed me to death today(or till I scream for him to stop, which ever comes first) on Ralph’s Goulburn Valley Beef (GVB), that this restaurant is running a promotion on, from now till the end of February. Well, I’m not one to argue with a Chef, especially one twice my size and with three times the booming voice to match, and so we settle down to our dinner of Australian steaks. But first, the breads.


Signature breads from Prime. Freshly baked and hot out of the oven. The specially concocted spreads are changed every month, salted butter (middle) being the constant. This month, my favourite was the brown one you see in the photo (extreme left) – a strong cinnamon flavoured spread.. so buttery, aromatic and smooth -it reminded me of cinnamon rolls, only savory.


Starter Trio – 1. Portobello Mushrooms rocket salad, shaved parmesan 2. truffle ravioli fricassee, 3. Australian Crab cake

After the starters which were really good and only served to heighten the anticipation of steak, the Chef brought out not one, nor two, but three cuts of Ralph’s GVB steak. Man, he wasn’t kidding. Prime serves dictionary thick steaks – one could immediately smell the smoky flames it was cooked it – fantastic char-grilled aromas filled the air and I felt I really was in the shrine that worshipped the bovine.

Regarding Ralph’s GVB, these cattle are all grass fed (vs. grain fed). Grass-fed beef, or beef produced from cattle finished on forage only diets, has been touted as a more nutritious beef product. There are a number of reports that show grass-fed beef products contain elevated concentrations of Vitamin A (beta-carotene) and Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol), increased levels of omega-3 fatty acids, a more desirable omega-3:omega-6 ratio, and increased levels of conjugated linoleic acid. Not only that, picture a lean, chlorophyll/grass eating cow. Don’t you think the meat will taste better. A healthy cow is a tasty cow!


Striploin with Mascarpone cheese potato cake, carrot confit and jumbo asparagus with Sarawak peppercorn sauce RM88

If you want to see Prime’s definition of medium rare, here it is. To sum it up, it was perfect. The entirety of the meat is perfectly pink with just a thin, gorgeous seared outer layer, giving rise to even more intoxicating beefy aromas when you cut into it, drawing blood.

Right, so the first bit was a little tougher than I expected, and rather chewy, but this was because, of the three served, this would be the most inferior cut. Having said that, it was still good enough to make me finish my share without a word. Don’t expect this cut to be meltingly silky and you’ll do all right. Still the steak was perfectly cooked.


A healthy measure of sauce for your steak.. or have it the way I like it.. with no sauce at all, so that the intrinsic taste of the beef shines through.


Tenderloin with caramelised onion and Foie Gras pudding, green pea puree and Yukon croquette with shallot confit RM128

Things can only get better..  can only get, can only get.. things .. (you know that song?)

Oh, this next cut of the steak can only be appreciated one way. Naked. Without any complimenting sauce. Nothing. Brave and bold, this is the ultimate cut and you can see from the price tag too, that you have hit the jackpot. Superb tenderloin, say no more. Can this be topped?


Rib-eye cut with sweetcorn creme brulee, Porcini potato roesti and wilted fresh spinach with basil-almond Bearnaise sauce RM98

Call me a plebeian but this cut of steak was by far, the no.1 cut of steak for me. Maybe it’s the fact that the rib-eye lacks the prissy finishing of the tenderloin, but the taste was very reminiscent of something closer to home. That comfort of mum’s home-cooked steak that had that unhealthy marbling of fat that we gobbled up whole..? Oh yeah, give me hints of fat anytime over the perfect tenderloin. Prime’s rib-eye flavour is definitely something special.


Our meal ended on a high note with a really gorgeous crepe suzette, a molten chocolate brownie and some smooth, smooth creme brulee.  Actually our waitress couldn’t stop recommending it to us, and I could see why. The desserts were luxurious.


A big thank you to Damian and Peter for hosting us. We had a great time at Prime. We hope that the steak-porn speaks for itself;)

Le Meridien,
2 Jalan Stesen Sentral
KL Sentral
Kuala Lumpur 50470
Phone: (60)(3) 2263 7888
GPS: 3.135631,101.686476
Google Maps

Look out for a contest next week, where TWO lucky couples will dine on this exact same menu, for free, at Le Meridien! It’s all about Ralph’s Goulburn Valley Beef!


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