Majorca’s Must Do Activities to Make Time For

This week’s guest post is about the the unmissable sights, sounds and things to do in Majorca!



Majorca, largest of the Balearic Islands, is a firm favourite holiday destination for Brits and Europeans alike. However, there’s a whole host of places on Majorca that are regularly overlooked.

Due to the island’s relatively small size, it’s worth bearing in mind that you can zip across from one side to the other in very little time. This means that regardless of where you are staying, anywhere you are keen on visiting can be easily accessed.

So, on with the top spots that will make your Majorca trip unforgettable!

(1) Marvel at Palma Cathedral


For lovers of art, architecture, religion, history or simply a tranquil atmosphere, the Cathedral of Santa Maria in Palma is an inspiring sight. Built over the site of a pre-existing Arab mosque, the Cathedral sits atop the former citadel of the Roman-built city.

At 121 metres long and 55 metres wide with tall spires that dominate the skyline, you can’t miss it, both in terms of finding the place and choosing whether or not to go in.

(2) Explore Bellver Castle


As one of Europe’s few circular castles, Bellver is simply a must-see for any History enthusiast or those who love to conjure up the imagery of medieval times and sci-fi fantasy films.

Lovingly refurbished and maintained, Bellver was considered secure enough to use as a prison through the 1700-1900s. Now it is fortunately clear of inmates, allowing visitors to explore the magnificent structure, as well as Palma’s History Museum that is housed inside.

(3) Take the train from Palma to Soller



In a large, bowl-shaped valley to the north lies the beautifully picturesque town of Soller. Back in the early 1900s, the vast profits to be made in the orange and lemon trade led to the creation of the railway link between the town and the capital of Palma. The railway was completed in 1911 and still runs today, despite the waning success of the citrus trade in the area.

Now the railway is just as important as a tourist attraction and as such it is immaculately maintained. Beautifully quaint wooden carriages convey you between Palma and Soller in the greatest of style. For a scenic and relaxing mode of transport, the Ferrocarril de Soller cannot be beaten.



(4) Pick a perch in pretty Puerto Pollensa



Tucked up in the north of the island, north of Alcudia, the port of Pollensa harbours a marina that is the quintessential tranquil island snapshot. Puerto Pollensa villas can be rented fairly inexpensively if you want to base yourself in this idyllic harbour town.

Spend a few hours looking out over the bobbing boats while enjoying a lengthy lunch and a cool drink and you’ll find yourself slipping into the relaxed islander mentality quite swiftly.



(5) Take a coastal drive

For more incredible sights like this, take a quiet afternoon’s drive through the coastal highways of the island. With plenty of scenic spots to stop for a picnic or just to take in the sea air, be prepared to turn a short drive into a long, lazy one.

(6) Visit mountain towns like Valldemosa


Nestled into the mountainous areas of Majorca are little towns such as Valldemosa. Serene and wonderfully picturesque, they are great places for a relaxing wander. Why not make one of them the end destination for your scenic coastal drive?

(7) Become Indiana Jones and explore the Caves of Drach near Porto Cristo


This vast interconnected series of caves are a spectacular natural wonder. Reaching down 25 metres into the ground and extending in twisting tunnels for 2.4k, the Caves of Drach will allow you to indulge in your adventurous side. Don’t worry though, with expert guides you won’t have to make any dangerous and daring escapes.

(8) Dip your feet at the Beach


As with many beautiful islands surrounded by warm seas, Majorca has too many idyllic beaches to list. Between Cala Major, Magaluf, and the East Coast beaches around the likes of Port d’Alcudia, there is a variety to suit individual tastes for long, short, narrow or wide beaches, many with charming little coves and secluded spots to give the illusion of having a private beach. So what are you waiting for.. time to book your Majorca Holiday!


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