5 Reasons to Honeymoon in Maldives

Today’s Travel Tip comes from a sassy lass called “I am the Witch” but she ain’t nothing like a Witch.. she’s lovely! Here is Mei with her tip for all those soon-to-be-married lovebirds out there.. want to have a superb honeymoon? Head to the Maldives.. asap!

Planning a honeymoon vacation is definitely not an easy task, especially when there are a myriad of places out there to choose from. When it comes to picking a place, a lot of factors come into consideration. To me, my biggest concern was the weather and distance. During my own honeymoon, I only had about 5 days off from work, which meant that I could only go to places within the Asia region (I’m from Malaysia). Also, since my wedding was in the beginning of the year, half of the region was experiencing winter, which wasn’t really ideal for a honeymoon. In the end, I picked Maldives, and never regretted it since! After coming back from Maldives, I can safely say that it is the PERFECT destination for honeymoon, and I shall say so for the following reasons:

1. Gorgeous clear blue sea

There is no place, absolutely no place, with sea waters clearer and bluer than Maldives. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Maldives is made up of over a thousand little islands, with over 200 of them inhabited. From touchdown at the airport to the 45-minute boat ride to the hotel, I was surrounded by an endless stretch of clear blue sea. What’s even more amazing was the multiple hues of blue that could be observed from the beach – from light blue at the shores, to turquoise and finally dark blue at the deepest of the ocean. It was a sight to behold, and one that you wouldn’t get tired of.


Blue sea at Maldives


It’s really that blue!


Our feet in the water

2. Tropical weather all year long (Sun, Sun and more Sun!)

Being surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Maldives has a tropical climate with sunshine throughout the year. Temperature ranges between 24 to 33°C with constant sea breeze to keep the air moving. This means you could go to Maldives all year long! Regardless of which month of the year that you are getting married, you could always plan for a honeymoon in Maldives without worrying about the weather dampening your spirits. One thing to remember though, sunblock is a must! Apply it liberally and as often as you can. Very often we got carried away with the water activities and sun-bathing that we ended up with sore skin at the end of the day for not putting on enough sun block. Some hotels, like the one we stayed at, even provide complimentary sun block lotion for all patrons.


Applying sunblock lotion


What happens if you don’t apply sunblock lotion

3. Privacy

Due to the nature of Maldives being spread over a thousand islets, most of these islets are small enough to hold only one resort each. Depending on your budget, some resorts, like the Banyan Tree, have only 6 villas occupying the whole island! That means at any one time, you would only be sharing the whole island with 5 other couples. To me, that’s as close as having the whole island to myself. Of course, not many would be able to afford the luxury of 5-star hotels like this. In that case, you could opt for 4-star hotels such as Holiday Inn Kandooma where I stayed in, which also occupies the whole islet to itself, but with a larger capacity.

Villa at Banyan Tree in Maldives


Our room in Holiday Inn Kandooma

4. Diving/Snorkeling Paradise

With such clear and blue waters, it is a complete waste not to dive/snorkel. My husband and I are not licensed to dive, so we opted for snorkeling instead. We followed the complimentary boat ride to a nearby house reef almost daily to be captivated by the amazing colours and lives under the sea. The vivid images of the colourful fishes and corals are still clear on my mind to this very day. If you can, go for the diving excursions as well. The abundance of marine life beneath would keep you in awe for years to come, I promise you.


All ready to snorkel


Diving at Maldives (source)

5. Going, Going, Gone

Last but not least, Maldives being the lowest country on the planet, there is risk of it being submerged and disappear as the sea levels rise (source). Whether true or not, this place is too beautiful to risk not visiting!


Relaxing on a sun set cruise in Maldives

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