Heng Bakuteh, Kepong

What’s the difference between a”Sang Kuat” , a “Soing Kuat” and a “Ka Hau Kuat”?


If you ask me, I couldn’t tell you, accept for maybe guessing that some are long bones, some are soft bones whilst others are “prime location” bones, such as the ribcage near the belly.


Yeah, I may not know the bone on sight, but I sure can eat and appreciate a good bone.


Here at Heng Bakuteh, they serve amazing bones.

If it is the Sang Kuat you are after (short ribs) you need to pre-order before you arrive, as Heng Bakuteh prepares the meat fresh on the bone. The Siong Kuat are the gorgeous, melt in your mouth long ribs whilst the Ka Hau Kuat are the much sought after, layered fatty-lean meat ribs priced at RM 14.00 per bowl.

Something for every bone lover.


For me and the pretty lass in the earlier picture, we both die a thousand deaths for the offal. The intestine and stomach here are amongst the best I have tasted and this is because the preparation of the innards are done with diligent care and meticulous washing. This is Heng Bakuteh’s labour of love so that all the intestines are washes so super clean, that one cannot tell where they have been (or come from!)

Heng Bakuteh1

If offal and bones are not your thing, Heng Bakuteh still offers a fantastic selection of great Chinese old favourites to go with your bowl of rice. Black Vinegar Pig’s Trotters, Pork Knuckle in Dark Sauce, Choy Keok (Pickled Vegetables), Tau Foo Pok and Yau Char Kwai that is begging to be finished with a massive bowl of Yam rice or better yet, Pumpkin rice!

More Food Porn at Heng Bakuteh..


Pumpkin rice – RM2 only


Some say awful offal.. we say AWE-some Offal! Check out the kidney- Great stuff I tell ya!

Heng Bakuteh

See the satisfaction on the faces of those who partake of Heng’s Bakuteh!


Pork Knuckle in Dark Sauce


Chicken in Chinese Rice Wine and Ginger


This is confinement food actually – suppose to give “HEAT” back to the recovering mother..

The heat from the concentrated wine, the ginger and the pepper can really burn a hole in your throat, but great stuff! Good on a cold night. Here you see the owner Billy adding the finishing touches to the dish.


Heng’s Bakuteh is spacious, airy and hygienic. I love this place !

How do I get to Heng’s for my bone fix?

Below is a map to help you find your trail to your first humongous bone!

This place even has a blog! Go here

Heng Bak Kut Teh Delights
No 622, Jalan 20, Rumah Panjang,
Off Jalan Kuang Gunung,
Taman Kepong,

Operation Hours:
Monday till Sunday; Closed on Wednesday’s

Opens at 7.00am till 3.00pm / 6.00pm till 1.00am

Contact No:
Anderson – 019 208 0720
Billy – 016 332 8003


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