Travel Tips – From around the World

Cumi & Ciki has started a new series called Travel Tips From Around the World – by guest writers from far and wide, as well as from our own backyard. They are generally avid travelers who will write on subjects such as traveling the world and all the fun and adventure that goes with it. Of course travel and food go hand in hand and so be prepared to be thrilled by gastronomic tales from the land beyond as well.

Travel inspires. Travel excites. Travel teaches us.

Travel reminds us that we are individuals who can make a big difference in life. Traveling not only teaches us about other cultures, but it also teaches us more about ourselves and our own culture.  After all, only from the outside can you look back in.  Where will your travels take you and what will you see? Only you can tell.

Our first one starts today. Happy Reading!


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