The term Bubu can mean one of three things:

1. A Fish Trap, mainly employed for hunting fish by the indigenous people of Malaysia.

2. Name for an Island resort on Perhentian Island Malaysia, the Bubu Long Beach Resort.

3. Name of a Restaurant in KL, owned by the same people who opened the Bubu Long Beach Resort.


Starter Crab cakes

It was the lovely Eiling who invited us to Bubu, the restaurant to be guests of the owners of Perhentian’s Holiday resort, with the same name, and so we arrived on Tengkat Tung Shin at a quarter past eight on the appointed night.


Bruschetta mushroom with cheese

We were soon served crab cakes and bruschetta to tie us over till the main course arrived.

These were piping hot and delicious, perfect for today’s rainy weather.


Grilled Calamari

The grilled calamari was exceptionally good. It had this hot green chili padi sauce on it that really blasted our palates into orbit. The spicy, sour concoction paired with the calamari’s chewy texture was a real appetite stimulant.


Grilled Tiger Prawns

More meaty than flaky, tiger prawns are the perfect choice for any meal if you ask me. Once you start sinking your jaws into its sweet flesh, things can get a little frantic, so it’s best to have a lot at hand. (Eiling! We need more Tiger Prawns.. now, please!)

And don’t forget to suck on the head and enjoy the fatty aroma as it all fuses together in one succulent mouthful.. Delicious!


Chateaubriand steak

This is a slice of the the Chateaubriand steak served that night, that we each had. Apparently the Chateaubriand steak is a recipe of a particular thick cut from the tenderloin. This dish is usually only offered as a serving for two, as there is only enough meat in the center of the average fillet for two portions.. oh no wonder there was so little of it shared between the six of us! 😛

This for me, was really the highlight of the night. The meat was cooked medium rare and was oozing blood and juices. The flavour was amazing! If there is one thing you need to order at Bubu, this would be it. Chateaubriand, medium rare. Don’t forget!


Dessert was great. Crepe Suzette and Chocolate cake with ice-cream. Not enough for us all really!


KY showing us how to eat the Shish Kebab.


Thanks Eiling and Bubu for organizing this dinner. We had a great time.

BUBU Restaurant (at Hotel Rae)
No. 42A, Tengkat Tong Shin
off Jalan Bukit Bintang,
50200 KL, Malaysia.
Tel:+603- 2142 2988
Google Maps


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