Pink Sage

Sometimes you get a hankering for a simple egg on toast that just won’t go away.


The image pops up in your mind and no matter what you do.. it just hangs around like a stray puppy that won’t go away till you pet it on the head.





Well, one of the places that pops into my mind to help quell a persistent breakfast hankering  is Pink Sage.

Here are 5 reasons why you should visit Pink Sage..

1. They a do a fantastic ‘greasy breakfasts’.


A generous portion of fried eggs, beef bacon, grilled baby tomatoes and topped off with a crispy hash brown. What I like best is the corned beef that they use that is not too salty but full of flavorsome beefy goodness. Just a dash of pepper and you’re all set!


2. It is a great place to catch up with friends.

Pink Sage1

Sitting around in Pink Sage’s laid-back, and comfortable surroundings, you will feel completely at ease. This facilitates chatting for hours about the recent Shanghai Trip to see the world expo and all sorts of other ‘important’ catch-up information and the like.



3. It serves some killer delicious buttermilk pancakes.


Oh, how tasty it looks. My only grouse is that they did not stack it higher..


Maple syrup is key. Serve a good, high quality maple syrup with steamy hot pancakes and you’ve got yourself a winner.


4. It is generous with its Coffee.


A tall glass of latte is all you need to while the afternoon away.


5. It is cupcake friendly.


A little Fat Monkey has been experimenting in the kitchen. He brought Cupcakes for Marian and I to try and I love Pink Sage because they don’t mind you eating your cupcakes in their restaurant.

This is the Nutty Black Velvet (Guinness Stout chocolate cake with Peanut butter Cream Cheese Frosting) and maybe it was the fine company or the breezy Pink Sage atmosphere that had us in a particularly good mood, but I tell ya, those cupcakes were delicious!

The Pink Sage Diner & Pantry
A4-UG-01 Solaris Dutamas
1 Jln Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6016 205 2023
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