Bad News from the Gulf..

Food Update – On Oysters in Louisiana

Thanks to an article my God-brother Nathanael who lives in the States, sent me, I just learned that in the 55 days since the BP oil spill began off the coast of Louisiana, anxiety about what might happen to Gulf seafood is being replaced by acceptance of a grim reality.

Oysters at the bottom of the gulf have been found to be covered in a brown slick. As a result, many restaurants in the French Quarter and even that great place I blogged about, Drago’s, have been forced to take raw oysters off their shelves. Looks like that was the last time we got to eat them raw oysters, for a while yet. So sad 🙁

Read more about that article here under, Food Safety News

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  • Ted Nelson says:

    I like the phrasing of anxiety being replaced by grim reality. Very well written. Unfortunately, this will not be the last example of grim realities taking place in the gulf.

    • cumi&ciki says:

      hi ted , thanks for your comment.. it was from the article attached actually. sad but true huh. The repercussions are way more far reaching than imaginable actually..

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