10 things that will happen to you when a Malaccan boy, takes you to Malacca

1. He will feed you breakfast till you are stuffed..



2. He will drive you carefully on the highway to Malacca..

The Malaccan boy is amazing. Equipped with only his hands (for driving) and his mouth (for talking) he can single-handedly carry on a conversation without stopping, from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca town. Throw away your CD-player because the Malaccan Boy is here!


3. He will drive you past the tourists queuing for chicken rice ball..


.. and tell you “Don’t worry! I got something better planned for you than that!”


3. He will ask you to gaze upon the Malacca River..


.. but don’t take the boat ride!

According to the Malaccan boy, the  boat tour that probably takes about 45 minutes or an hour to complete is a waste of time.. Forget it! The sight-seeing can be done on FOOT. The Malaccan boy says, “Hell no! Let’s go by foot instead – the faster you walk, the more you see.. so hurry up!”


4. He will ask you to feel the vibe of  the city by learning to read the signs..

The Dentist

The Goldsmith


The Rebel

If you ask, the Malaccan boy will tell you that,

Hang Jebat is one of the iconic figures in Malaccan history. Hang Jebat was the closest companion of the legendary Malay hero Hang Tuah. He is well known for his vengeful rebellion against the Malaccan Sultan whom he served. A fantastic story of loyalty and betrayal is depicted through the person of Hang Jebat.


6.  He will take you to shop for Local Products


Th must buys are  local products like “shrimp paste” or “pineapples cookies” or “gula Melaka” or even the “durian candy”.


7. He will tell you that getting lost in the back alley-ways of Jonker, while looking for good food is normal..


If you ask the Malaccan Boy, he will tell you that Jonker street is a  must-visit destination in Malacca. It goes by the name, Jonker Street, Jonker Walk or Jalan Hang Jebat but it’s the same place really. Jonker Street, houses some of Malacca’s oldest dwellings or houses dating back to the 17th century, is also informally known as the antique street. The antique shops here have some amazing artifacts from different periods of colonial rule Portuguese, Dutch, and British that date back to forever.  It is the most happening and busiest street at night with bars and hawkers stalls selling scrumptious local delicacies.

Melaka oly2

As it turns out, we were using the back-lanes to make our way to Jonker Street.. to where all the food action was.


8. He will make sure you see all sorts of colorful things while lost, on the way to looking for good food..

Rickshaw rides are a fun way to see Malacca Town.


Everybody is using it!


9. He will take you to eat GREAT Cendol and Nyonya Laksa on Jonker..


Jonker 88 has got to be THE most awesome place for Cendol and Ice Kacang.

In my humble opinion.. Klang Cendol or any other Cendol pales in comparison. The coconut milk is the thickest, creamiest thing I’ve ever tried and the gula melaka’s (palm sugar syrup) cloying fragrance is super intoxicating. The best cendol I have ever tried.. EVER!


The Nyonya Laksa/Noodles is not bad either. I love the spiciness and the zesty local herbs that they use in it.

If you ask the Malaccan Boy, he will tell you that the origins of Baba Nyonya can be traced back to centuries ago when the Chinese emigrated from China to the British Straits Settlement of Malacca, Singapore, Penang and also Java of Indonesia. The Chinese then married the local females and their distinct background, cultures and customs blended together harmoniously and became baba nyonya in ‘Peranakan’ culture.

Peranakan is another local term for them. ‘Baba’ refers to the male while ‘nyonya’ is female. Beside, they are also being known as ‘Straits-born Chinese’. This is a very unique culture in Malacca and the food that has emerged from this culture is totally amazing. A must try if you ever go to Malacca.


10. He will point out nice little cafes for you to chill out at and watch Malacca go by..

Limau Limau Cafe



This post is specially dedicated to a true blue, Malaccan boy and also a true friend, Kenny. Without his clever sense of direction and dependable bat-mobile, I would not have made it in time to Malacca for my meeting. Kenny and ‘The Devil’ where on their way to J.B. and agreed to give me a lift as far as Malacca. The local guided city tour and gastronomic tour were thrown in for free.

Classic quote that emerged from my time spent with them – When I asked Kenny, “How do u know where the Cendol Stall is..”

” Don’t worry, just take the back-lanes. Jonker is a maze but if you walk in the general direction of  the shop , as in north or north-east or east-west, you will surely find it”.

It’s true though.. and that’s why I had so many photos from this short walk.. because it took us that long to find the shop!

Thank you Kenny.. you are the best 😛

Jonker 88,
Jalan Hang Jebat,
Malacca, Malaysia.
Google Maps


  • Runaway Juno says:

    I loved Melaka, but now I see you post, I should’ve known this before I went!! haha! 😀
    I was so relaxed at Melaka.. Love it!
    No Satay? 😀

    • cumi&ciki says:

      hi Juno, malacca is relaxed. I love the cafes and the easy pace of life. the food is good too. What i do not like is the massive jam going in and out of malacca town on a public holiday. Enough to drive a sane man.. insane 😛

  • Nice adventure. And the best of guides!

    • cumi&ciki says:

      hi J! yar man.. it was like the touch ‘n’ go tour of malacca town on foot… walk so fast in the heat.. nearly fainted:P BUT, it was great fun!

  • Mama says:

    Good write-up. Do you know your ancestors were buried at “Moorsay” in the district of Bukit Bharu? (Their estate consisted of 3 pieces of land called Bukit Gondol, Moorsay and Pangkal Lama.) Wonder whether these places are still there, or renamed. Your great grandmother was the daughter of Tan Choon Bock, planter & ship owner in Malacca.

    Got these from ‘Kong2’s Genealogy Record Book, going back as far as the ‘Ming Dynasty’.

  • Hehe, you didn’t mention that you were walking faster than both of us… and in a very long skirt too! Heaven only knows how much faster you’d be if you were in jeans/shorts! Would have left us in your dust, probably! 😛

    And this is such a GREAT POST! (I’m biased, of course, hehe.)

    P.S. We didn’t get lost lah. I just took the scenic route, haha. More to see ma…

  • ai wei says:

    i love this. ur post is special.
    so does the limau limau cafe. it’s kinda unique

  • babe_kl says:

    the cendol really looks like they’re worth all the walk thru the scenic route!

  • Brother B says:

    Pleasantville ala localized vision of Edward Hopper

  • eiling says:

    wah your pics very artistic

  • Brother B says:

    Forgot to mention, Dr Wong(the dentist) sees more than your teeth?
    Perhaps he sees sea ( as in his Signage) and not what you think..tsk tsk

  • gfad says:

    Lovely post – short and sweet! 🙂

    Haven’t been to Melaka for ages! *hint hint at LFB* 😀

  • Pureglutton says:

    This makes me wanna do a makan trip to Melaka pronto! Been quite some time since i went there! Who wants to go?!

  • i need a malaccan guide boy too. where should i apply? (does he give extra services like massages, etc?)

  • Sandy says:

    Yeah. Jonker 88, cendol and the asam laksa are the MUST! I like to recommend another 2 things in Malacca. 1) Nadeja at Dataran Pahlawan- famous with the creme mille. Make it early or sold out. 2) The “Sam Su Kong” typical local food including lots of biscuits and snacks. You can get at Dataran Pahlawan too.

  • foodbin says:

    usually we see more things if it’s done by foot.

  • via says:

    i seriously miss the food in melaka…long time din go back to my wife hometown….just wanna taste some nyonya food now

  • J2Kfm says:

    Hmm, I can’t agree that Jonker serves the best cendol, ABC or laksa though.

    Sorry, kenny. 😉

    But I seriously think that Donald & Lily’s version of the cendol is better, albeit without the durian puree.

    But Jonker 88 sure is a great place for snapping around.

    • cumi&ciki says:

      yup, i know .. i read your review 😛 I hate durian plus have never eaten D & L’s.. so till then… Jonker88 is the best, Jonker88 is the best!! mwuahaha

    • Kelvin says:

      Glad you like my parents’ cendol 🙂 I’ve read your blog piece about it. Many thanks for the kind words and patronage.

      Btw, the origins of most of the urban Peranakans in Melaka are actually traced back to the Qing dynasty (and not the Ming during the time of the Malaccan Sultanate). Most of us Peranakans are purely Chinese that have chosen to adopt the local customs and cuisine while preserving many traditions/adat and practices from China during that era.

      • cumi&ciki says:

        hi kelvin! thanks for your comment and thanks for stopping by our blog! Will look you up when we next visit;)

        • Kelvin says:

          Thanks for the kind reply. Leave me a note when you next decide to visit Melaka and I’ll share with you some local tips (and also what to order at my parents’ i.e. Donald and Lily).

  • Adelene Wee says:

    just curious, was the cendol dark green or pale green? if it was pale, then it wasn’t the ‘good cendol’. if you got the dark ones that means you got the best cendol in melaka supplied by the president of the persatuan baba & nyonya melaka’s family.

  • Nic says:

    Melaka is really one of those places that I can visit over and over again. The laksa is amazing! And I can never say no to a photography session at Jonker Street. Ahem, must start booking the tour guide d.

  • mimid3vils says:

    Best Cendol at Jonker 88~~ which always packed with tourist!!!

  • baDboyzs says:

    Truly , he is a Malaccan boy.

    We have not been here since many years ago. Last time we went we saw dozing crocodiles in the farm, spread out. Wonder if they have awaken from their long slumber ? or are they still snoring ?

  • Adzua says:

    For your next trip to Melaka, try the ikan bakar. Don’t go to Umbai, it’s overprices. Go to Muara Ujung Pasir. Be early or else u have to wait to be seated. Ask your friend Kenny if he knows about Mee Bodo Hasan in Jalan Tengkera. It’s a true 1Msian stall.

  • kwei says:

    hello, im going to Malacca on 11th..Thanks for all the info..Great and Helpful!! =) Nice picture, what software u’re using for the editing?

  • huangfanling says:

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  • Gerald says:


    Just came across your blog and I like it especially the photos taken, it’s artistic…

    I’m from Pahang and have been studying in MMU Melaka for 2 years. Following your recommendation, I have tried all the food you have suggested, it’s nice. Herewith, I have something to share …
    I’d been waiting to have a chance to try [Sungai Petani] S.P.’s famous peanut ice-blended since I heard about it from my Kedahan housemate who is currently study in MMU Melaka as well. I learnt about it from the net – ‘Ho Chiak’ Season 8 Episode 19.

    Last week, my housemate told me that she accidentally came to know that there is a stall “North Ice” at Medan Selera Malim Jaya (foodcourt beside Old Town White Coffee Malim) Melaka selling the same type of drink from SP! She was extremely delighted as her home town favourite drink can be found in Melaka now. She dragged me there to have this drink the next day.

    The first time I tried it and I instantly fell in love with it! Gosh! It’s really nice!! It’s delicious and unique. I’d never seen or tried this in anywhere else. I tried all their specialties, Peanut Shake, Sweet Corn Shake & Red Beans Shake. I love them all and Peanut Shake is the best and it cost only RM2.50. It’s a perfect drink during hot afternoon. Additionally, I like their polar bear logo, it’s cute!

  • Michael Ng says:

    When people talk about Melaka, I will tell them durian cendol, pork satay, satay celup, coconut milk shake.
    chicken rice ball, and for people who loves photography, jonker street is a nice place for them to take some nice shots of those antiques i will say till today it is well maintained. 🙂 spot on the boat ride. If you go at night it’s ambience is awesome. great blog on Melaka. thank you Cumi and Ciki (NICE name) ^^

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