The Crazies

Being big horror buffs, we recently got our hands on one of George A. Romero’s earliest underrated films that had been recruited for the remake, as Breck Eisner (Sahara) took on The Crazies for modern audiences this year.

The film follows a town that gets accidentally exposed to a biological weapon, leaving many of the survivors dangerously insane, inciting the Army to go in and clean up the whole messy affair with equally mindless violence. Timothy Olyphant and Radha Mitchell head up the cast.


This show is cool because, while it is obviously a zombie movie, there is no mention or reference to the zombie genre in the script at all. In a way, it’s the opposite of Night of the Living Dead because it puts more emphasis on the living than the dead. There is a lot of bickering amongst the army personal, as they argue, find ways to assign blame but best of all, they spend the entire movie wearing gas masks and white suits so that they look the same and their speech is unintelligible! That could be ME behind the mask and you would not know it!


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Meanwhile, our five heroes try to make their way through the countryside to freedom.
The best scary scenes that are repeated over and over again, but in a damn effective manner is where the camera zooms in on the unassuming subject (foreground) about to be attacked by one of ‘the crazies’ (background) who just silently watches his prey. Too damn nerve wrecking for words. I screamed like a hundred times!

Anyway, not the best of horror flicks but not the worst either. I give it maybe 70% on the horror scale of 1 – 100%. What I did not like about the movie was that The Crazies jumped from scene to scene, scenario to scenario, without much regard for cohesion but then again, I have to admit though, the scare factor was there.

The fun part is watching all the silly square and law abiding citizens become violent zombies with blank stares and then being killed off in different ways, as they become dangerous. The parts of the show where I was not shrieking, I was Laughing out Loud ! Good entertainment.


  • When will a filmmaker make a film on the level of The Exorcist again? The rest of the recent batch of horror films are so-so only lah, for me. I prefer the non-horror-genre stuff like District 9 for the suspense and better acting/script. But then, that’s not really horror lah. 😛

  • Brother B says:

    I love my horror movies trashy and gory – Original ‘Evil Dead 1 & 2’, all the ‘Friday the 13th’ and my all time favourite ‘I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE!!!!”

  • Leo (thule) says:

    Ah… not a fan of horror movie. Jenn is too chicken to watch it too!! ahhahahah

  • Now you’re moving into movie reviews. Movies, great food = top blog. Still waiting for the next 28 days/ 48 weeks sequel …

  • Runaway Juno says:

    No horror fan, No no no no no no
    Not for me. haha
    I know this kind of movie can be silly like you said, cause it’s all fictional, many of my friends said so, but still! it’s terrifying…

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