Cafe Palma at Mt Kiara Condominiums

Palma Cafe Mt Kiara2

Cafe Palma at Mt. Kiara Condominiums.

Cool, breezy, overlooking the pool and lounge deck-chairs.

If I didn’t know better I would say I was about to have a pool-side dinner in a Holiday Resort.

That is the sort of laid-back feeling you get dining and this lovely little pool-side Cafe in Mt Kiara. This cafe is situated in the Palma condominiums, which is located opposite the Old Coffee Bean at Mt Kiara. The new owners took over this space after the old Italian eatery moved out last September.

Thanks to Marian Eu for the invite because we really had a feast that night. Amongst the dishes ordered were the Chicken Curry, Curry Chee Cheong Fun, Jawa Grilled Fish, Bittergourd with Glass Noodles and the Herbal Fried Rice. After that we had some lovely homemade dessert of Lin Chee Kang and Kuih Kosui.

Palma Cafe Mt Kiara1

The Herbal Fried Rice was fantastic. I loved the shredded limau purut leaves, bunga kantan and lemongrass in the rice that gave it an aromatic infusion of local flavours. The rice was also nicely fried up with tons of French beans and baby shrimp in it that made it taste so good. It was not overly soggy nor dry. Just perfect!

Another one of my favourites was the Curry Chicken. Spicy and full of coconut milk and herbs. I wanted to drink up the sauce.

The Bittergourd with Glass Noodles was next – fried up with a lot of “Wok hei” (smoky wok flavour). The Jawa Grilled Fish that was Dory fillet cooked in assam, wrapped in foil and baked was delicious too. The tangy sour taste with enough spice to make you sweat was really rather effectively eaten with rice.

Palma Cafe Mt Kiara

The Chee Cheong Fun was not one of my favourites because I like mine a certain way – the IPOH way!

Finally desserts to cool us down. I really liked the Lin Chee Kang because it was not overly sweet and was full of lovely ingredients such as  lotus seeds, red dates, ginkgo nuts, dried longan and seaweed. Fantastic. The Kuih Kosui was chewy, not too sweet,  nice and rich due to the fresh coating of coconut shavings.
We were suppose to check out the delicious Lamb Chops as well but because Cumi arrived late, we decided to save it for next time.

The Café Palma,
Mont’ Kiara Palma,
Jalan Kiara,
Mont’ Kiara,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 017-249 2881 (Mona)
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