Alexis @ Bangsar Shopping Center, KL

This is my favourite hangout place on a Sunday, especially after a killer game of tennis! No way are we gonna reverse all that good we did, by pigging out on unhealthy food. No way!

Alexis BSC, Bangsar is where we choose to go for a wholesome SALAD dinner… yes siree!


Incidentally, I love WHITE furniture. If It weren’t so bloody hard to keep clean, i would have my entire house furnished in white. Oh yes i would.


Anyway, i always have the Salad Nicoise. You know why? Because they do the seared tuna real fine… and more importantly… they do the egg even better!

SEE??! Hard on the outside, and magnificently RUNNY on the inside. I like watching it ooze all over my vege like hot LAVA !!! It’s so beautiful.

This is the Caesar salad. ( I told u we were being healthy 2nite)


This is the DIP-DIP thingy… (pita bread, olives, humus, spring rolls… all in accordance with our SUPER healthy dinner)


OK..OK.. so something has got to give rite… You can’t go healthy all night and not have your resolve eventually crumble at the seams.. haha … well,
Here it is ! THE PAVLOVA! We just had to order it. Man, it melts in your mouth.

By the way, this crazy dessert is named after the late Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova who was said to have been ethereal, delicate and controversial..!

No wonder! This dessert is delicate alright… a delicate KILLER ! lol. It’s so light that although it is HUGE, once you sink your teeth in it, you can finish the WHOLE cake in like 30 seconds flat. That is because the whipped cream is so light and fluffy that you don’t even see it coming. Minutes later, you are left grasping your stomach, asking yourself… WHAT HAVE I DONE?!!


So much for eating healthy.

MSG levels: nil


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