Dish @ Dua Annexe, Jalan Tun Razak, KL

Which place serves you Maldon flaky salt with your food?

Dish of course.

Maldon English Sea Salt is a fabulous pure crystal salt. It comes from Essex, which is located in Southeastern England. This fine salt is harvested by a family run business that has been panning salt since 1882. Maldon salt is drier than the many of the other French sea salts but which ever sea salt you fancy or favor will really be determined by your own palate. For me, I hardly add any table salt to my meal anyway because I don’t like having extra salt in my diet (incidentally, future post on ‘Salt of the Earth’ coming right up;))


foie gras parfait.

When we heard that Dish was open and up and running we just had to pay the place a visit. A group of us headed down to Dish, on Jalan Tun Razak, KL, for dinner one night.The minute I stepped into the place, I felt at home. Stylish furniture and a cool, modern ambiance set the tone for the night.

First up, the parfait, and this was gorgeous. Most people say that parfait is the poor man’s version of a spread because it only contains 70-ish% of the ingredient (the foie gras in this case) but this parfait was good. It did not lack in flavour – if anything the texture made it nicely spreadable on the toast.


I love the ambiance at Dish. Pass with flying colours.


Roast bone marrow with parsley and capers salad

OMG, heaven on a plate. I use to eat the humble version of this growing up, where my mum used to make huge lamb steaks and save the bone & marrow part for us till the last, and till today, if I ever see roast bone marrow on the menu, I have to have it. This is superb when cooked until the marrow is soft and has begun to separate from the bone. This normally comes with parsley, shallots and capers on the side. To eat this, they give you a long, deep spoon to scoop out the marrow, spread on toast, sprinkle with salt and top with parsley salad. The roast bone marrow was oily and runny. I prefer mine with more of a ‘form’ to it, but this was not bad.


I reckon my plate of marrow looks like the Stonehenge.


“Dig long, dig deep.. into the depths of the abyss of pleasure.”


pan fried foie gras served with a Muscat reduced sauce and grapes

So if the parfait was indeed the poor man’s spread, this is the real deal. The pan fried foie gras was cooked to perfection and the brioche it sat on absorbed all the fine juices in the plate. Apparently this was one heck of a dish (according to my eating companions).


Enter the US Prime Rib. This monstrosity was huge!


US Prime Rib cooked medium.

The steak was cooked medium, just to my liking – as you can see from the inside , nice and juicy and red. I did however find the meat on the outside too charred for my liking but my friends loved it. What helped mask the taste of the charred meat were, however, the variety of sauces it came with, e.g. beef jus reduction, chimichuri, truffle butter, green peppercorn and mustard. Chimichuri is a green colored sauce that originates from Argentina and is an acquired taste. I did not fancy this much and stuck to the truffle butter instead.


duck fat roasted potatoes

Duck fat on anything is great. Duck fat on roasted carbo is astronomical.


BBQed prawns. These were overcooked and forgettable.


Enter crepe suzettes..


I really like it when they set the Crepe Suzette on fire, by pouring liqueur over a freshly cooked crepe with sugar and lighting it! This will make the alcohol in the liqueur evaporate, resulting in a fairly thick, caramelised sauce. Oh, yea, I truly love watching when they whack the alcohol into the chafing dish in full view of the guests.. lovely!


I died and went to heaven. My only complain, not enough ice-cream!


complimentary chocolate truffles and a delicious mini  pavlova

Dish is so nice. Dish is our friend! They gave us complimentary truffles and so, they rank way up in my books on exemplary behaviour towards guests.. (kidding). NO but honestly, service here was good. I don’t see what the big hoo-ha about their service in the past was all about. Beginner’s luck..? Only time can tell. The mini pavlova was even better than a regular pavlova because they crammed all the good stuff and the cherries into a smaller surface area. Très bien;)


We came, we saw, we marrowed.


Dua Annexe
Jalan Tun Razak
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 2166 2066


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