Restoran Mei Sin @ Imbi, KL


I think I remember this place,
The man at the front looking dour;
I feel in the distance another existence:
I think I have been here before.


And I think you were sitting beside me,
a younger you who had something to tell,
For time at its work will go round in circles,
And even then, you knew me so well.


“I have been here before” I asserted,
but I have not been in a while.
I once in a crisis was helpless,
And you smiled. I remember your smile.


I had the same sense of security,
On the site of the seat next to you;
I heard in the background cacophony,
Eating and drinking , no more blues.

adapted from We have Been here before by – Morris Bishop

This is one of the coffee shops Cumi would bring me to cheer me up back in the day when I was having a bad day at work.. You could say I was a cheap date, but the food and noise and HIM pulling silly faces, use to chase my blues away faster than any other medicine or antidote. Till today, this coffee shop and its  toasted Kaya Bread and dry flat noodles, the Sar Hor Fun, remain special favourites of mine.

Restoran Mei Sin
No. 16, Medan Imbi
Off Jalan Imbi
Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 603 2142 6169


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