Movie Review – Avatar

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Avatar! Finally, after half the Malaysian population has watched it, I , Ciki, finally got to watch it too! (Waiting for Cumi to have a free day from travel/work damn near killed me .. missing out on all the punch lines and corny jokes by Bald Eagle, LL and A lil Fat Monkey.. NOT funny!).

Anyway, Avatar.. when all the hype and hullabaloo is removed, what you are left with is some high-end computer animation and impressive 3-D animation that is really no movie masterpiece .. but still worth watching I suppose. Not so much for its riveting storyline but rather the action .. and if not for anything else, then just to escape for 2 hours to the ethereal world of Pandora,  inhabited by the nubile Na’vi.

In a nutshell, everything about the story, the setting, the dialog, and the parts that aren’t purely visual is awful. Well, who cares right? Sam Worthington, my favourite actor and hottie pants action hero was all I cared about and all I came to watch.

Avatar.. I loved it! What about you?

(P.S. I cannot wait the see Sam as Perseus in Clash of the Titans. Akan Datang.. coming soon!)


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