Lao Ma Zi .. because Mother’s cooking is the best!

They say, that quite a number of men, prefer their mother’s cooking to their wife’s.

I say, well go eat at your mother’s then. ( kidding:P)


smoked pork belly + smoked lychee duck – pre-booking required

But truth be told, when someone mentions Mother’s cooking, one always thinks of fabulous comfort food that warms the cockles of one’s soul. Which brings us to Lao Ma Zi – the chinese word that means, ‘mother’.


Egg cooked in Chinese Wine, served in Claypot – from main menu

This restaurant is a little hidden and off the main Jalan Ipoh road, but the search of it will reveal some unusual, and tasty dishes. Some might find their dishes bland, but this is because the cooking employs less MSG and is definitely low sodium. Certain signature dishes here include the Fried Grouper fish head, Salted egg  yolk soft shell crab, Smoked trotter, Smoked pork belly + smoked lychee duck, Steam shell scallop or Otah serve in coconut all need pre-booking. Otherwise you may just order from the main menu.


Soft shell crabs slathered in salted egg yolk and fried – super decadent.. and a little soggy if you don’t eat it fast, but really very good.


Kailan – low sodium – nice and crunchy. 


Nai Yau Fei Chow Yee – or Deep fried and flayed Tilapia, cooked in butter and condensed milk ..


smoked pork belly + smoked lychee duck – pre- booking required

Amazing melt in your mouth, pork belly. Perfectly rendered fat and a deep, smokiness that’s hard to describe. The sweet lychee and its juices are just the perfect foil for the pork belly as well as smoked duck.


The smoked duck is so well marinated it takes on the texture of ham – go figure. The chinese style braised peanuts added a nice nutty flavour to the dish.

All in all, the bill set us back by less than RM200. Really good value for money, plus the fact that you’re getting ‘mother’s cooking’.. hmmm.. life is complete.


Lao Ma Zi
No. 726, Wisma Yoon Cheng (turn off the main road and the entrance is a the back)
4 1/2 Miles Jalan Ipoh 51200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60 3 90768606
Business hours:
11am – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm
Closed on Monday


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