O Gourmet, Champagne Breakfast @ Bangsar Shopping Center

Sweets for the sweet and sugar for my honey,

not to mention spices, for the spicy! BSC’s luxury food hall in the East Wing Concourse area, is called O Gourmet and showcases the biggest range yet, of gourmet foods.

We were invited by Nigel, Allan and Ann of A Slice of Heaven, to attend Bangsar Shopping Center’s Champagne breakfast at O Gourmet.. apparently the 1st in a few of bubbly morning sessions to come. The hype should hopefully generate even more interest and traffic in this snazzy food hall. A Slice of Heaven has a most strategic location, right at the front of the concourse area.. you can’t miss it.

Golden Baklava.

Baklava for RM16.00 per 100mg

A massive selection of gift wrapped Christmas pressies if you are a last minute shopper and have no clue what to buy for your little nieces and nephews (like me), come here!

My mum in-law will be happy to hear that she can get her Diabetic  Jam here at O Gourmet.. not the alcoholic honey:P (middle shot, around RM50 per pot) but rather the one on the extreme right.

Apart from delicious cakes from Just Heavenly Pleasures, one can also get fresh bread from the gourmet bakery Hiestand, high end wines and bubbly e.g. the Cristal champagne made famous by one Jho Low who partied many a wild night away in the USA with celebs like J Timberlake,  fattening but oh so delicious cheeses, coffees from Coffex and tea blends from TWG Tea… also not forgetting those hardcore chocolate lovers, Spanish chocolatier Blanxart. Apart from that , for those who like the non-halal meats,there is a butcher at hand with a selection of halal and non-halal meats,.. also a deli with spices and cakes section. All around the hall you will see strategically located tables and chairs for chilling out over coffee, tea .. all very tai-tai style and tres chi chi 😛

Frederic Carriere of Classic Fine Foods.. the Leng Chai ( .. translated – good looking, .. to quote Marian:P)

The ‘boys’ milling around the Gelato section, sipping champagne. Fruit juice would have been more healthy, but try convincing them;)

This was the other area that was a big favourite with the boys (and me!)

The non-halal section which has it’s own kitchen separate from the halal section serves specialties like the 22 month old prosciutto, air-dried beef, special smoked salami, roast pork, duck, Spanish serrano ham and Italian parma ham.. all things “oink” under the sun.

The best part is that we got to try all cuts and types of pig, with our bubbly. Super.

After that, the boys drag me over to the ever so popular gourmet coffee from Australia, Coffex, because they needed to sober up (and also to see the lovely owner, Karen!) If you want to give someone something special for Christmas check out their Tea Gift Pack.  The packaging rocks.

Just before we leave, we stop by the organics section and FBB (fatboybakes) tells me that you could buy a dozen non-organic passion-fruit for that same price. Cumi tells me.. just grow it yourself at home.. after all, that’s what organic is:P True, true, but that’s all good if you have lots of time for horticulture on your hands. If  however, you don’t and still want that something special .. a little exotic perhaps, then you will probably find it here,  at O gourmet. Just be prepared to spend some money for it.

With that, I leave you with a high class pictorial aroma of expensive coffee!



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