Golden Tin @ Pandan Indah, KL

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We stumbled upon a place where one can get rather good Yong Tau Foo, in the Pandan Indah area of town. Golden Tin is not a new coffee-shop, but it is new to us because if we head out to that part of town, it’s normally Thai food that we are looking for. At Rmo.80 per piece of YTF, the portions are big, and the vegetables are crisp and the deep fried items just crumble, crunch and flake in your mouth. The novelty here is hard-boiled golden eggs stuffed with YTF stuffings… nice!

The Chee Cheong Fun (flat white noodle) with curry sauce however is pretty average, so our advice is to save your stomach for just the Yong tau foo.. don’t bother with the noodles.


The Chili sauce that comes with the YTF goes well with the food and is sweeter than you average Chili sauce, so you don’t need the Teem Cheong (sweet sauce) at all. If you are not careful, you can end up guzzling this tasty sauce. The YTF seller probably knows this and so they have a strange sign that says they charge for every extra bowl of chili/ketchup that you ask for;)

Clever man.

Restoran Golden Tin,
Pandan Indah,

Chee Cheong Fun:3/10
Msg levels: low
Salt levels:moderate


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