Movie – The Informers (2009)

If you once thought to yourself.. I wanna be a rockstar when I grow up..

This show will make you think twice.

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“The Informers” follows the sordid life of a couple of young, rich, bored, talented(?) Los Angeles kids. There are the spoiled rich kids who spend their nights doing drugs (and each other); there’s the television executive who is cheating on his wife; there’s a visiting rock band whose lead singer is on the verge of a breakdown; there’s a nobody looking for a break into showbiz who gets caught up in a kidnapping when his no-good friend shows up on his doorstep.

It has a good cast and a cool soundtrack (Devo, Simple Minds), but it also has some very ‘kayu’ (wooden) acting.. like so bad t.v. soap opera. The Informers is not so lousy that you canโ€™t sit back and enjoy it, but nor is it good enough to go and see. Just don’t spend money to watch it , if you catch my drift.

Look out for Kim Basinger.. has her hairstyle changed at all between then and NOW? haha.. really.. it really looks like a case of Kim Basinger starring as Kim Basinger!

We found this show extremely average with an anticlimatic ending, but what I want to know is how much they paid that chick to just walk around naked throughout the entire show?! Not much acting skill involved I tell ya!

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