Senjyu Sushi @ Cineleisure, PJ

Senjyu Sushi is a premium kaiten sushi restaurant.

What sets them apart from other kaiten sushi restaurant, so I am told, is their sushi and sashimi that is specially air-flown to the restaurant, ensuring top quality food. Their trademark dishes are contemporary and lend a more fusion feel to the conventional japanese food such as, premium delicacies like foie gras, giant fresh air flown scallops, akaza ebi (baby lobster) and giant oysters.

Not only that, I can see you shaking your head wondering whose arm and leg you need to give up for a meal here, but amazingly, the prices for the food at Senjyu are extremely affordable.

The man with the plan.

The cook sears the foie gras.. oh, pray do not over-sear mine oh, good cook.. !

Wagyu Foie Gras Temari Sushi – RM12.00

Just look at this first dish. Are you not already impressed? Considering that that deliciously succulent sliver of red meat that wraps the rice ball is Wagyu, and that the garnishing of square chunks on top of the ball is Foie Gras, that price of RM12.00 should draw Oos and Ahs! from you .. no?
Anyway, I like the fact that this dish comes in a set of two and you don’t need to over eat, saving space for the other goodies to come. Good enough to whet your appetite but not saturate your tastebuds. At RM12, very impressive accept that I would have liked my foie gras a little less seared – it was bordering on rubbery (texture of overcooked liver). Next time, al dente please.

Lobster Salad – RM16.90

This salad is for the lobster lover. I don’t know if it was because we were there for a review, but they were certainly generous with their chucks of lobster. No complains about the salad.

Oyster Sashimi – RM12.00

Slippery, slithery and known for its (immediate) aphrodisiac properties, this little beauty did not stay long in its shell.
I have had some gorgeous oysters in the past, then I’ve had some stinky stale ones as well, however it was safe to say that this one was good. A nice size ( I would not call it huge).. but big enough to impart that metallic, zinc like taste and taut texture, that one comes to expect and love in a good serving of marine mollusk.
Highly satisfying.

Fuji Moriawase – RM23.00

The sashimi was plump and of a generous cut. The freshness of the Tako was evident in its texture. Generally I judge a Japanese restaurant on how fresh its sashimi is, especially the Toro.. the fattiest part of the tuna… mmmmm…

Unatama Maki – RM26.90

These sushi rolls topped with premium(is there any other sort?) eel slices was delicious. Each carbo laden mouthful were mini explosions of melt-in-your-mouth fish ( yea, eel are fish incidentally.. did you not know..)

Sugar rush.

Soft Shell Crab Mentai Maki -RM8.00

At 8 ringgit for a set of two, this maki is such value for money, words cannot begin to describe. I cannot decide which is better.. the eel or the soft shell crab. Another great choice for lunch or dinner.

Shishamo Cheese Tempura – RM9.90

Unidentified ugly object! What is that? Well, battered and fried shishamo do not make very handsome fodder I admit, but coupled with a good cheese center and a body full of eggs, what you have before you is an extermely interesting ‘fusion’ japanese dish.
Fresh no doubt but an acquired taste. This was too salty for me. Not my cup of tea.

Mochi Crepe with Vanilla Ice Cream – RM9.90

Vanilla ice cream wrapped in Japanese mochi skin …
What can I say. I love mochi skin and I love ice-cream. This dessert rocked. Since Cumi did not want any, I ate the whole damn lot.
Fantastic… and cheap.

More photos of this delicious, pretty-in-pink dessert.


Finally, the konnyaku umeshu dessert. I forget the price but this dessert had some alcohol in it with a gorgeous springy konnyaku texture.

A great end to the night.

If you decide to swing my Senjyu Sushi, we highly recommend the wagyu balls, fresh oysters and the sashimi.

Senjyu Sushi, Cineleisure,
Lot G2 & G3 Ground Floor,
Cineleisure Damansara,
Tel – 603 7727 9028


  • thenomadGourmand says:

    Ooooo..been dying to try out this place for ages but was worried abt the prices. but ya rite..its not tht bad!

  • Paprika says:

    Mmmm definitely going to try this when I get back! Want to go with me ah?

  • J2Kfm says:

    they're even offering affordable set lunches, as the e-Curve outlet is not that crowded on weekdays' lunch hour.

  • ahpa says:

    OMIGOOODNESSSSS!!!! ciki! you MUST bring me here. what a find!!! RM12 for foie gras! yerrr, wonder which diseased duck they got it from…. why so cheap ah?
    food looks EXCELLENT!

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    yar go.. its good and affordable!

    sure.. but im damn bloody jeles u lukn at marbled Rubenesque arses in Marble Arch! chis! haha

    yar, their offers are really worthwhile!

    i like ur new pseudonym! yar, will bring u asap.

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