Movie – The Boat that Rocked (2009)

Ah.. the 1960’s! Back in the day when the A-list of British rock bands reigned supreme.. BBC was only playing classical music and jazz instead of .. ROCK and ROLL. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Yardbirds, The Hollies.. all took a backseat. What a pathetic situation.. and with no commercial radio stations to fill in the gap, this soon created the phenomenon of pirate radio ships. These pirate radio ships operated just three miles offshore, but good enough to be outside the bounds of English law and they began playing pop and rock music 24 hours a day.
Representing the Illegal, the Mysterious and every girl’s heart-throb pirate DJ, they eventually they had 25,000,000 listeners.

The premise of the movie stretches the imagination – A renegade, radio boat at sea!

Cumi found this show moderately entertaining.. with some unbelievably hollywood-ish parts.. but.. I loved it! (Girls {and boys} check out the phenomenally sexy
Midnight Mark Tom Wisdom, played Astinos in ‘300’).
Call it the romantic, musician in me.
[Cumi – watch out for the XXX version .. ‘The Booty that Rocked’!]

Also, the wardrobe is amazing..
THREE words.. Apple-green Leggings!

Go watch!

photos from imdb here


(watch out for her black and white photos that adorn the ship’s walls!)


  • qwazymonkey says:

    Love the picture of Twiggy too. It got me begging for mercy! I'm so watching the show

  • Sean says:

    hey since this is a movie post, i gotta recommend (500) days of summer. now showing at sunway pyramid only. my favorite romantic movie of the year so far. poignant, achingly truthful, yet life-affirming.

  • 550ml jar of faith @minchow says:

    Ooh ooh waiting for the torrent coz unlikely this will be showing in the cinema right!? Blasting the soundtrack at work now as I type… awesome possum!!

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    yar.. u will like this show i think!

    really.. wow.. i must watch it. Did u cry?

    erm well yar.. we cannot talk about torrents here.. ahem.. 😛

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