PS. Cafe @ Dempsey, Singapore

I fell in love with Dempsey! Not Patrick Dempsey.. the place Dempsey in Singapore. Imagine large, winding driveways, massive, refurbished bungalows with loads of character… wining and dining amidst lush gardens, secluded green surroundings and amongst breezy trees..

PS Café, owned by Project Shop which is a clothing chain, is normally packed to the rafters. Word out is that this place gets so busy that they do not have the time to take your call for reservations. Well, we were lucky as my sis managed to get a reservation for three, easily enough during that weekday.

This place attracts a lot of trendy people and well-known faces in the marketing, fashion and even BLOGGING circles! You may think that there is ample space to sit in this massive bungalow with a rather high ceiling, but come 8pm, we are sitting elbow to elbow.
Hmmmm, I’m trying to see if I can spot any famous bloggers here. None at the moment.

We tried to get a place on the outdoor sitting deck as it was a cool night and my sis ensured me that its prettier outside.. but no such luck. All the seats were taken. No worries, the inside was equally pretty if you ask me.

Dempsey is such a handsome name!

The Classic Manhattan. I asked for the Perfect Manhattan but apparently they don’t have it here.
This Classic Manhattan tasted a little bit like cough syrup. Must have been the Campari in it. It was pretty potent. Like I said, I like the drinks in Singapore because they make them strong.

The bottom of the Classic Manhattan. Time to order another.


Apparently piercings are addictive. I wonder how often she sets off the scanners passing through the airports. Must be a riot;)

My main dish of tiger prawns flamed with brandy, shallots, snow peas & basil in a light cream sauce served with a char-grilled baguette was fantastic! I don’t know what cheddar cheese they used but it was heavy and rich and insanely good!

This flaked trout & white fish fillet with fennel, onion & potato baked with creamy king island cheddar béchamel sauce in a crispy shell served with a grilled prawn & rustic salad seemed small at first but as one proceeds to eat it, one will soon notice how filling it gets. Must be the creamy sauce that makes this dish so rich. Say what you like, my cousin (who is currently in her final year in design school in Singapore) finished the entire basket without breaking a sweat. I loved the crackling texture of the crispy, flaky, phyllo basket.

My sis had one of the ‘Specials of the Day’ – veal stacked with sautéed baby spinach and field mushrooms. Done rare, this veal was tender, succulent and smothered in that gorgeous mushroom sauce.
Excellent choice sis.

Pecan pie served piping hot with vanilla ice cream. It was a race to devour the cake before the entire dollop of ice-cream melted. We raced against the clock.. and won!

A perfect end to the night with my perfect profiteroles. Choux pastry puffs filled with balls of vanilla bean ice cream & drenched in chocolate sauce.. I fear there was no more space in our stomachs for more food!

PS.CAFE at Harding,
28B Harding Road,
Tel:+656479 3343


  • Keropok Man says:

    Guess what? I have not been to PS Cafe at the big D! hehe..

  • "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    if only dempsey come to malaysia hor..

    it will be a star!

  • Sean says:

    siggh, when will we have our own dempsey hill in kl. i kinda think bukit tunku would be a good location for that. there are a couple of restaurants there already, but not near the level of ps cafe!

  • thule a.k.a leo says:

    PS… made me think of the book PS. I Love You.. so touching!
    Singapore… haven't been there much ever since my grandma sold off our bungalow in Bkt Timah few years ago and moved back to Malaysia.
    You are so lucky to have your sis bringing you to those happening places in the city of Merlion. I don't have anyone except for my stingy cousin who always bring me to eat those roadside stall

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    serious ar.. how come? that's really weird.. would have thot I'd see you la , world famous blogger there;) seems like when i visit u got stomach ache.. aiyyer..


    why not? may end up being as good as PS cafe wat.. stds are improving in KL.

    did u just call ur cousin stingy on the WEB? LOL 😛

  • Keropok Man says:

    it was my first stomachache in a long time! i went to the docs leh.

    when u coming to Sg again ah?

  • Life for Beginners says:

    I love Demspey. Last time I was there was at night, a private party courtesy of my globe-trotting hairstylist. Pity I didn't take any pics though… So many good-looking people there, hehe! 😀

  • thule a.k.a leo says:

    don't worry.. he seldom read my blogs, let alone my friends' 🙂

  • backStreetGluttons says:

    Perfection seems to be just down below. So fresh , so tiny but bursting with fantastic colors, simply amazing what democracy can do ( issit ah ?)… or thank god for Dear sis

  • J2Kfm says:

    wow. this is almost too tempting to resist. gotta make booking one ah? hmm …
    and kudos to the part bout ur sis getting scanned thoroughly in airports. ahhah .. good one.

  • mingsuan says:

    Eh this is not new right? Been there before and really liked it – the breakfasts are great and it is easier to get a seat then..

  • 550ml jar of faith @minchow says:

    We need a Dempsey!!! Some of the areas in KL start out with the best of intentions and then end up rapidly being… well, ghetto-ized, to put it straight. I think I'll just stay home till the developers start getting it right :-S

  • Brother B says:

    Take me there, take me there.
    Even if KL ever has a place like this, we get customers dressed in t shirts, shorts and sandals – one step closer to wearing pyjamas to amlls and restaurants

  • qwazymonkey says:

    I fell in love with dempsey too when I was down in Singapore. trust PS to come up with good desserts. Singaporeans really know how to enjoy aitelya

  • worldwindows says:

    Irish and their bars! Food looks good and I will not mention their drinks.

  • Nic (KHKL) says:

    as i always said, u've been to more good makan places in sg than me…am officially jeles..haha! very cool pics, ciki. lurve the cherry shot.

  • ~Christine~Leng says:

    PS.CAFE's fares looks beautiful. Luv your cherry shot too! 🙂

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    Poor u! erm, should be there maybe end of the year? Will try to org with Hairy to meet up with u (again!) LOL

    wa, really? shucks.. how come no photos?!

    LOL, one can never be too sure;)

    yar, thank God for dear sis:)

    not bad huh! connections!

    so i heard! how ru doing woman.. nice to hear fm u!

    ROFL.. yar.. ok, but don't hold ur breath!

    so terrible meh? some Msians dress up wat.. (though fewer!)

    can u imagine our waistlines getting bigger living there? not funny.


    oh the cherry! – top shot.. thought of u! hehe


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