Restoran Pedas Sedap @ Jalan Kuchai Lama


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Restoran Pedas Sedap on Jalan Kuchai Lama.. teaming with activity and teenagers having a quick, cheap dinner whilst watching their favourite Chinese SOAP on the big screen.. it ain’t the cinema but it’ll suffice. Afterall , it’s free.. and the food is served fast!

The chicken Herbal Noodle RM5.00 … not as good or cheap as the Pork Herbal Noodle you get at Restoran 222 Kung Chu in Puchong, but not bad at all, if you are looking for something light to warm your stomach and lull you to sleep.. because the stress of going to work tomorrow is keeping you up!

The Prawn Noodle at RM4.00 was stuffed full of ingredients and had a rich strong prawny aroma. The saccharine sweet flavour was a warning sign that loads of sugar and MSG had been added. Not the best we have had.


  • worldwindows says:

    The Chinese corner shops with their 10 or more hawker stalls are catching up with the mamaks. In Aman Puri there are 2 of such humongous shops dishing out below average food to emotionless patrons, eat to live, tucking in food with robotic moves eyes staring at the big screen dishing out senses-numbing pressure relieving shows just to get through the night and be ready for the next day.

  • Julian Si says:

    Oops eeeep the “enemy” … MSG!

    Love your reviews, as always!!

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    wa.. very aptly put.. feels like a scene from some SCI FI movie la.. lol

    haha, aw.. thx!

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