Tanjung Sepat @ Banting – Cepat ke Tanjung Sepat.. (the return)

Long weekends represent a good time for great excursions, if you ask me. Undeterred by the rain, we headed out to Tanjung Sepat.


Tg Sepat is an itsy bitsy teeny weeny town!

First stop lunch… there is no other way to describe this place, other than the corner coffee shop under a zinc roof. If you can read chinese, then please let us know the name of this shop!


The only address or landmark, is ‘Lorong 5, 42800 TG. Sepat’
As a rule of thumb, if you are uncertain where to eat, then pick a place that is crowded (rather than empty) and as luck would have it, this place served up Pan Mee, with a twist!
The twist being, pick your own fresh ingredients from a blue coleman! The fish slices (‘Yue-pean’) were the specialty. Of course being a fishing village and all that, the fish was super fresh.

Choose from Tom Yam Soup, Clear Soup, or Dry Pan Mee.

The Chili turned out to be really hot, oily and tasty! Lucky me!


Hmmmmm, don’t look too closely though, at your surroundings – this is not the cleanest of places to eat.
My Tom Yam arrived – hot and spicy. Not fantastic soup but the FISH slices were incredible! Sweet and fresh and flaky… you could tell it was just swimming a second ago!
Cumi: Really Fresh stuff!

DSC00167 DSC00174DSC00169
This is the dry Pan Mee. Again the dark sauce was so-so. A little too much sauce if you ask me – you can see the noodles flooded in its bowl.


Again the fish slices and squid and other seafood delights had us drinking out of the bottom of our bowls! Fantastic grub for a cold wet afternoon.

Moving on, we wanted to check out the Agro farm on the way to Tg Sepat.

Vita Agrotech Sdn. Bhd. was formed to increase research on cultivation of edible mushrooms. It currently has 40 farm houses or so.

Here we are! The Ganofarm Factory.
Mushrooms in every shape, size and color assault the senses. Ganofarm Sdn. Bhd. was set up following the expansion of the mushroom business. The main focus of this company is on medicinal mushroom; medicinal properties, cultivation and product development.


These are REAL mushrooms growing out of dirt and sawdust. Aren’t they cute? When I first saw them, I thought they were fake because they were so shiny!

The cultivation process is amazing.

First they bag the substrate which is made up of saw dust, rice bran, limestone and water. Then they cap the contents, sterilize it and inoculate it with the mushroom spores. Then they lay it out on the racks that you see (called the incubation process) and later, they water it everyday, with tender loving care!

Finally they harvest the end product … gorgeous plump mushroom!

For those of you who don’t know (like me) and marvel at how the mushroom can grow out of DIRT in plastic bags, let me just say that mushrooms fall under 3 basic groups. Mycorrhizal, parasitic and saprophytic. Most of the edible gourmet mushrooms are saprophytic, wood decomposing funghi. I.e. because they lack chlorophyll, they are unable to get their energy from the sun. Thus, they get their nutrients from organic matter such as cellulose and lignin containing waste material! How cool.

Which reminds me of this joke :

Husband says to wife :” Stop treating me like a mushroom”

Wife:”In what way do I treat you like a mushroom”

Husband: “You keep me in the dark, and feed me lots of bullshit”.


end of joke:P

I’ve heard of growing mushrooms behind the ears… but this is something else… :P:P

On to the warehouse… Here’s us, picking up mushrooms for Mum’s soup..

All things GOOD come out of eating mushrooms.. so kids… FINISH your shrooms.. lol.

“I don’t need this”… Cumi exclaims… (why is he talking in such a loud voice.. haha)

Cheap la… any of you guys want or not… we can pick up some for you … haha (can tell me discretely… no problem ;))


Lot700, Jalan Laut Membiru,
Taman Pelangi, 42800 Tanjong Sepat,
Tel:03-3197 2393




Driving around Tg Sepat town , these are some of the interesting sights.. An Old Junk… (Cumi says it’s not an old junk – apparently it’s a really rather new fisherman’s boat… but it looks old to me)

A small lad, standing over a giant wok with a giant lid! How can he stand all day and fry like that?



Leaving Tg Sepat, we decide to head on home to KL, using the Sepang route.

Don’t let this demure kampung styled house fool you…

This is THE place , to pick you your industrial sized keropok!

See, industrial sized keropok!

Behind that same house is the factory/kitchen. Here you see the starting material – the UBI.

The man in charge of frying the keropok.

The deep, hot , ‘longbath’ of oil… you can smell the oil and feel the heat a mile away…
Cumi: hmm… just like those mud baths.. only hotter

The slicer.

The cutter.

The Chili mixer!

On the right, the red hot Chili/Sambal churner.

The Keropok is turn over and over and mixed with that piping hot, liquid chili, until it thickens to become a sticky dry paste. This sticky, red keropok is divine! Sweet and spicy, it’s a great snack for the TV.

Bawang Enterprise,
No.3, Jalan Kerayong
43950 Bkt Bangkong Sepang,
Tel: 03-3141 2354

Sepang Gold Coast! Wow.. I didn’t know that Malaysia had a ‘Gold coast’ but now I do.. (and so do you!)

The fish market just along the Sepang gold coast beach.

Heaps of fresh fish to choose from…

Some stranger looking angel fish – this looked like flat, white paper … ! (sorry, city gal very suaku… have never seen white, flat, dotted fish…)

The Flower Crab.

The White Squid.

The Vibrant Prawn.

The man, trying to act cool and bargain for fish.. 😛

A restaurant just by the market, has a sign that tells you that if you bring your own fish, they will cook it for you, for a small fee. How nice.

Back to the Gold coast…

Wow! This place looks like a mini paradise.

Feels like you’ve entered another world altogether.

Chalet on the beach, still under construction.

Building sandcastles (in the sky)..

Oh, no wonder this place looks so good… they just want to entice you to buy and invest your money in this Sepang property… Well, we wouldn’t mind, but the drive to work would kill us. Maybe for investment purposes… maybe…

We had covered so much ground, that before we knew it, the sun was setting…

Almost time for dinner as we approached Semenyih.

Good.. Broga! A nice place of dinner was just round the corner 😉

Along the dark road, you will see this green, happy sign.

Only 7pm and already packed to the rafters.

What is their specialty here? Why, panggang (grilled) fish of course!

The fish are all alive and swimming just before they become somebody’s meal…

And fresh, it certainly is. We opted for the special sauce grilled fish (tilapia?)- spicy and tangy but light enough not to mask the basic taste of the fish.

Cumi: The place is run by a family who owns the land/teak (pokok jati) nursery . While they anticipate the bountiful hardwood harvest, they erected a restaurant a year ago to serve fresh fish, kampung (village/free range) chicken and vegetables. No Pork served. They proudly mentioned no MSG in the food and.. we tastefully agreed.

Fish – RM15.00 (only!) – we had a small fish. Price starts from RM17.
Kangkung Belacan… (and jaz beer)!!

Sotong goreng (fried).

Finger lickin good!

9pm.. time to go home and watch some TV, and eat the spicy chili keropok!


Kedai Makanan Pokok Jati,
Batu 25 Jalan Broga, Semenyih, Selangor.
Tel: 03 -8761 0088

Open: 10.30am – 10.00pm


  • J2Kfm says:

    wah …. such an adventure!
    how did you guys manage to find the ways and the places to eat anywya?

    plain bump into them?

  • worldwindows says:

    I love travelogues with the faces and places thrown in between. Need stamina and pace to get through the day. Mitigated by great food.

  • Tummythoz says:

    Great one day excursion!
    Didn’t the mushroom farm smell like farts all around?
    So did the MAN get a good bargain on the seafood?

  • Precious Pea says:

    What a fruitful exploration in one day…from pan mee..to ubi chips factory..to mushroom farm and of course…food! The flat paper fish indeed very unique..never seen that species before.

  • backStreetGluttons says:

    omg , your round da world trip from jungle to the gold coast and O ! thank god your r safely back !
    those days Tg Sepat was damn famous for China Girls .We fished for siakap in the farm for RM18 a kg while the nearby market was selling for 14 ,WTheck !

  • Julian Si says:

    Magnificently adventurous post, WELL DONE… never cease to amaze me, the two of you!!!

  • 550ml jar of faith says:

    You guys really have the most amazing adventures in the unlikeliest places! Cuti-cuti Malaysia’s got nothing on you lot!

  • Shell (貝殼) says:

    I tried the Kedai Makanan Pokok Jati before, like the salt grilled fish~~

  • boo_licious says:

    ah, definitely better than Melaka I reckon, esp since I heard not so great stories abt the food there. That fish looks so interesting and I am sure no guy will ever admit, they need tongkat ali.

  • kennhyn says:

    sepang gold coast, about 4-5 years back, my ad agency pitch for that project, it was suppose to be something real big, but fail entirely… west coast penisular beach have nothing to shout…

    how’s the food pairing with jaz beer?

  • fatboybakes says:

    such energy!!!! gosh, and actually ah, tourism malaysia should pay you guys….you make everything sound so exciting and interesting. really!!!! is that where them tan lines came from???

  • "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    oh god..u guys really bring a new dimension on dating hor..

    if it was me, i opt to sleep under the sound of raindrops..

  • babe_kl says:

    gosh i still recognise that street at tg sepat!!! i have a relative who used to lived there and my parents will gather a few other relatives for a seafood trip. sad they moved to the city for aeons and i havnt gone back there since i was a kid hahaha :p i still remember the delish seafood

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    just follow your nose & stomach

    5day work out, 2 day binge.

    no smell, very clean. they export worldwide you know… very successful biz.
    (only ciki's fart smells…hehe)

    flat fish available at your local fishmonger. never ate it before though.

    the china girls are now in russia!

    we were thinking of windsurfing out to Sumatera too.

    we are "malaysia truly asia…"

    ok we try next time.

    actually… we could've made it to malacca if we continued the journey along the coastal road….

    they got nice landscaping done for now. actually very very nice landscaping. the beer adds jaz to everything! I could even have one now.

    no response from tourism malaysia until today. not mat salleh looking enough

    brudder.. we passed the dating stage alredi… now golden years

    what else should we eat here?

  • Big Boys Oven says:

    such a lovely a day food journey cum exploration, we wish we can do such soon! hahahahaha defintely will stop at Broga!

  • Chee Kean says:

    the chinese sign means “Ah Mei Night Bak Kut Teh”

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    that's a good plan:)

    chee kean:
    hello! & aw, thanks! BKT place by nite eh.. lol, good to know

  • Nic (KHKL) says:

    awak cuti hebat-hebat
    makan pun lazat-lazat
    mana ini sepat-sepat
    saya pigi cepat-cepat.


  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    terima kasih:P

  • babe_kl says:

    i guess seafood, nothing but seafood!!! hahaha

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    yup yup yup!

  • ade says:

    actually there is another restaurant further in which sells the same thing but nicer. u just follow the road go all the way straight till u see a chinese temple and there’s a small road beside it, u just follow the road till the end u will reach a fishing pond on yr left. that is the restaurant. very famous in broga. always packed during lunch hour. and i think they close on thursday.

  • May Heng says:

    I had so much fun reading your writeup. It shows how a simple outing can be as enlightening, educational and memorable too. Thanks for sharing your family’s adventure with the rest of us.

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