MJ Cafe @ Casa Tropicana, PJ

If you are in the Tropicana area, and it happens to be 6pm – don’t forget happy hour at MJ Cafe!

Don’t ask me about the FOOD here.. because this is not the sorta place I would recommend for great food.. if you catch my drift…

However, the finger food is not bad.. and the beer is on offer.

Hoegaarden – 4 bottles for RM60:)
Music to our ears!

MJ Cafe,
Casa Tropicana,
Persiaran Tropicana,


  • fbb says:

    wah, hooegarden somemore…so classy one ah. alas, i’m a pleb, and like my tiger….

  • Lyrical Lemongrass says:

    Ack! I want!

    (and here I was telling myself I wasn’t going to read another blog until I finished my post!)

  • ~Christine~Leng says:

    got what u meant ;P
    haven’t heard of good reviews from this place yet…..
    Just some compliments of the finger food only as well ^^

  • "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    u really got me at rm60 for 4 bottles..i have to pay that kind of prices for tiger beer that nite at the attic..

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    lol.. cute

    happy hour!

    helo! really? well.. that confirms it then…

    poor u:(

  • mimid3vils says:

    I had lamb chop @ their Jaya 33 branch, not bad~~somemore cheap & big portion 🙂

    • Ms Y says:

      I had their lamb chop at Jaya33 branch and it was the worst lamb chop I have ever tasted! Though the portion was undoubtfully generous the lamb chop looked like it was deep fried. I wanted it well done but they gave me a stone hard lamb chop!

      I had my meals there quite number of times this year just to accompany some friends who work in the Jaya33 building and it is definitely NOT a place for good food unless you want a good portion and reasonably priced meal, but do not expect good delicious food. Check out the people who cook there. Well, you can guess how good can a plate of spaghetti or lamb chop turn out to be if it is cooked by a Bangla.

  • Nic (KHKL) says:

    i wonder what MJ means…errr, michael jackson? hehehe…

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    really .. must look out for it!


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