Queens Restaurant @ Jalan Peel, KL

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It’s Queen’s Park again.. but this time, by night! On the corner of Jalan Peel and Jalan Shelley, this place is definitely great for lunch… but more importantly, the night-time here, is just CRAZY with activity!

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Just look at that. The entire street (and i mean literally on the street, where you can touch the traffic with your butt, or the feel the wind against your shorts, where you sit) is packed to the rafters with people. It’s 9pm, and things are just warming up.

Apart form a fantastic variety of hawker-fare to chose from, e.g. kangkung yauyee (water Convolvulus with squid), fried noodles, pig stomach soup etc,etc, people travel far and wide to eat the famous Ah Wah Grill Wings (yup, the one that Jalan Ah Lor made famous) and also the blistering but succulent SATAY!

Just to digress.. am I the only one who cracks up everytime she hears the english word for kangkung.. ?! Farnee.

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That’s mah mansataying the Satay!

You can feel the heat from 2 meters away… it’s that hot. Blistering.

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Ah.. sweet.

That is Beef you see on the far end, then chicken, then mutton. The mutton is amazing – more gamy than the beef and could possibly be called, an acquired taste.. but oh, so good:D This mutton satay is definitely harsher than the normal nasi kandar mutton as it has no sauce to mask its taste. However, 3 sticks into the eating and you really get the hang of it. Embrace the stinkiness, oh yea!

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We love the peanut sauce here. We love the fact that it is so hygienically served in individual Styrofoam bowls and is less oily(ok lah, slightly less) and sweet, than other peanut sauces.

If you have visitors from abroad, bring them here. They will be impressed.. (erm, as long as they don’t look in the gutter, next to where they sit, that is.. hurhur.. :P)

At approximately 60 cents per stick.. a steal!

Check it out if you are in the area.


Cleanliness:3/10 (Roadside mah..)

Service: Speedy

Oil Factor:high

Salt Factor:high


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