Penang – Island escapades!

I love Penang! Eat, eat, eat … and sun and eat and sun!

As the plane touches down, I am excited about seeing my fav structure! Yup.. the Penang bridge! I was born in Penang.. so this place has sentimental value.
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Look at it! So dark, moody and looming… (like a … man! lol)

Hotel G! There it is… It’s a gorgeous sunny day as the hotel comes into view..

Inside, contemporary chic deco welcomes the weary traveller…

Funky lights…


And super stream-lined bedding… everything’s sooooo neat… just makes me wanna jump on, and mess up the bed.. lol

cool tiles in the bathroom…

welcome snacks and even an MP3 player, tell you that the rooms are equipped to please !

Gosh.. I cannot wait to hit the hawker stalls.

1st stop.. breakfast at Macalister Lane..

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The sweet smell of carrot cake hits our nostrils… we are salivating..


I love penang folk.. they are ever ready to pose for a photo.. so friendly!

Here is the chee-cheong-fun man… and the nice lil lady..

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Hmmm.. but what can i say… whilst the people are really nice and friendly, it’s starting to seem like the standard of the food in Penang has dropped. This is something that quite a few people have said as well… We had the Otak-otak and it was really so-so.

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The lobak-gao (carrot cake) was also rather tasteless and lacking in LIAO… it was on the oily side but lacked flavour.

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The curry laksa served here is really interesting.. the soup is WHITE! Then you mix in the curry paste.. and viola! it becomes red.. like the normal curry laksa soup.

Upon tasting it.. we were disappointed yet again… no taste! and not enough liao. Seems like the hawkers are really cutting corners to cope with the ever escalating prices of ingredients and the customers (i.e. hungry people like you and ME) are suffering the consequences…

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Finally the famous Penang chee-cheong-fun… No surprises.. also very mediocre.

Sigh… I hope lunch will be better.. I hear we will be having the Famous Char-Kwey-Teow! I cannot wait! Let’s hope its better than our breakfast !


  • Big Boys Oven says:

    We were recommend to G Hotel too! what is the rate? Penang hawker food never a miss!

  • team bsg says:

    aiyoyo are you sure this is Penang ah ? All Boh Siang liao ah ? Pean ka ah neh lee hai liao meh ?

  • Julian Si says:

    Nice shots of the Penang bridge 🙂

    Thanks for write-up on G Hotel, I wanna stay there one day!!

  • Nic (KHKL) says:

    “So dark, moody and looming…” hmmm…sounds ladylike to me instead ;>

    oohhh, CKT, CKT, CKT…clicking ‘newer post’ now!

  • CUMI &amp; CIKI says:

    BBO :
    Ours was RM260 per night, but they were full, so we got a free upgrade.. woo-hoo!

    Team BSG:
    Yup, looks different huh?

    Julian Si:
    Near town – convinient. Good choice

    For you, a woman.. for me, a man! lol

  • NKY says:

    Please avoid Penang if you want to diet, lol!!

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