Pancake house international @ Sunway Pyramid

Naturally, when a place advertises itself like THIS.. , as an INTERNATIONAL Pancake house, your expectations would be rather high…

Well, well… the pancake they serve here is at best, a pre-mix:( … (or tastes like it anyway) , soft, tasteless and on the soggy side. RM10.50 … not cheap !

The blueberry pancake was served with special blueberry syrup… but alas! it had no taste! One is better off asking for the maple syrup (the darker one that you see in the picture), coz at least that tastes better.
The burger was weak… not even close to the Ramly… and at RM14… i could have traded them in for several of those gorgeous roadside burgers… sigh…

the “BEST IN TOWN” (so advertised) tacos, at RM6.50 each were not much better either… very very salty … not good.

The roast beef special set, failed to impress at RM15.00

All in all , this filipino cuizine diner was far from satisfying. Food was overpriced and too salty. Why oh why didn’t we just go to Wendy’s ?! I feel like i wasted a whole afternoon … arrrgh.


Pancake house international
Sunway Pyramid,
New Wing
Shop Lot: LG.126 (i.e. near Jusco)

Price: high side
Salt levels:very high!

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