Vampires at Cap Square!

CAP-SQUARE.. the latest swanky, wine and dine and hangout place to be.

It’s strategic location finds it right at the heart of the matter. A colleague asked me.. where is this place ah, they keep mentioning in the papers. Well, Cap Square (Capital Square) is near Dang Wangi, near Jalan Munshi Abdullah and near Jalan Ampang .. i.e. PRIME location.


Meet the Cap Square Residence. It is a Freehold Condominium and you need to look way up into the blue sky, to see where it ends. This is what we call a ‘super penthouse’ … super duper 33 floors up in the sky.. I would not mind staying here at all.


DSC03136 DSC03146
FLASHBACK to Uni Days (Daze)….

I remember Bayswater Four Seasons…No matter how much this place is slagged off and condemned, come rain or shine, economic dive or depression, there’ll always be a queue outside Four Seasons Bayswater, with eager diners awaiting their portions of the supposedly legendary roast duck. (Bayswater is an area of west London in the City of Westminster.)

I didn’t eat there as a student because I was always skint:P but that did not stop me walking by that way and laughing at the desperate crowd. What was the big deal anyway.. where I come from .. plenty of Duck to eat.. and I don’t even opt to eat it.. Pfft. (yup, yup.. back then I was young, ignorant and did not appreciate the subtle differences in food. Chicken? Duck? A bird is a bird. Same-same. Obviously now I know better.. being a food blogger and all.. ahem:P)

Anyway, with regards to the crowd, not evident here at all at Four Seasons, Cap square but maybe it’s just a waiting game.. the time will come.. who knows?

Taking off from yesterday’s story on the Goose/Duck. Let me just say that I stand by my statement that Goose, for what it is, is overpriced here in Malaysia. Even here at Four season’s at Cap Square, a quarter of a duck is priced at around RM18. Extremely affordable! You may like to read what Joe who’s Constantly Craving and Masak Masak had to say about the duck at Four seasons Cap Square.

I like taking photos of tall buildings. Makes me feel small and powerless and insignificant. I could be squished into oblivion by the hand of God if he so chooses.. but he doesn’t;) I am happy to be alive.

I like taking photos of graffiti. Reminds me that MAN is unique and creative.
Some say Vandalism. I say Art. Expression. Communication.
Cumi: Money & recognition for not-so-struggling Malaysian Spray Paint artist – most come from middle to upper income group.. spray paint bottles aren’t cheap..

Anyway cap square is so quiet and boring at the moment. It can do with some color..

By the way, Clark Hatch has opened its latest branch here. How nice! The next time I get caught in KL peak hour, I will work out here instead of doing battle with the Traffic.

DSC03154 DSC03153 DSC03131
Other restaurants and bars at Cap Square. More to spring up eventually. Expensive rent here. I wonder if that’s the U/ U-zen jap restaurant?
There is a mini shopping center/cinema/supermarket at Cap Square as well.
Cumi: Those chair designs seem out of place.
Some interesting items we found in the supermarket!
Cumi: An UNDERWORLD society lurks closeby. Where are the Lycan Jams?
Cumi: Dragon Slayers are out of work these days and have turned their business around to sauces..


  • Selba says:

    Cool graffities!

    Oh my… the vampire and dragon blood sounded scary!!! :O

  • thenomadGourmand says:

    nice plc to hang out..but at night only modesto was happening..havent tried UrbanAttic..but daytime u can see lots of ppl frm the office nearby dining at the cafes..but sadly everytime i’m at that area i get drawn to Yut Kee! LOL..
    Did raid the bakery, its same mgmt as MeidiYa – (I asked cos i saw the similarity in the breads..).darn, i was so happy that i’ve found a new bakery to get my bread fix..

  • "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    which supermarket is this..thats some interesting stuff there!

    hmmm u really know how to get ppl craving for duck/goose or just bird!! must go to 4 seasons d la..

  • babe_kl says:

    wow i want those stuff in the last two pics 😛

  • Julian Si says:

    Blardy blood … eeep!

    ps – Love that pic of Cumi starring longingly at 4 seasons menu, I have not been yet!! Hmm…

  • J2Kfm says:

    but you guys din try the duck?

    yeah, other than being fattier, i cant differentiate duck/goose either.

  • Nic (KHKL) says:

    the vampire shop should consider getting the tulang from haji kadir in singapore…heheheheheh…

    ya know, i’ve never been to cap square before 🙁 hmmm, does that make me capped or squared? or simply capsquared? haha!

  • Big Boys Oven says:

    hahahahahhaha I sometimes romp around caapsquare lurking some nice food there, I think the roast duck at four season may not be that great compare to what we have in KL. Four Season is only busy during lunch time and very quiet on other time. I would recommend the roast duck sold at Kepong.

  • Shell (貝殼) says:

    I’m looking for a nice place to take photo… this might be a good place for me^^

  • Tummythoz says:

    Just the other day I thot I made a big discovery but look, you overtook the limelite! =,(

    Actually I was not with camera when saw them. =P

    So did u get any to try?

    Oh jumping jitters! My word verification is ‘lycanesp’!

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    I VANT to SUCK UR BLUUURD ! hahaha

    so.. do u think that things will pick up soon?

    eh, see you tonite.. lets discuss when we r eating bird again ok 😛

    looks strong huh?

    I’ll tell him. sure blush one.. 😀

    no. we ate already. but don’t mind going back.

    that makes u SQUARE (in capitals) .. 😛

    which one in Kepong?

    wedding photos ar? lol

    hahahaa.. it’s a sign! LYCANesp!

  • jencooks says:

    They should have Duck’s blood at the supermarket. Haha

    And Bayswater Four Season rain or shine do attracts crowd saved the skinny one until now? !

  • teckiee says:

    LOL! I have to get my hands on those Vampire relish! Certainly eye catching. Did you get any?

  • backStreetGluttons says:

    We remember this place as an MCA Mega Project those days and so dun have good things to say about it ! Din know its now been infested by vampires , as we always launch torpedos(sup) near the mamak stalls in nearby Jln Curumasamy ( or something like that )

  • Selba says:

    Hi.. please pick up your award here 🙂

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