Bianco Damansara Perdana

Gawd, I LOVE great pizza. I really do.

What’s bad about loving great pizza , is that you normally, are hard pressed to find ‘OK’, or even at best good pizza…

But great.. ah… that’s something else.

And great and cheap… near impossible! Right? wrong…

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Here sits a GREAT pizza.

It’s called the ‘Bianco Special’ – spinach, ricotta cheese , topped with an egg.

It’s Bianco restaurant’s most marvelous work.. it really is.

And what’s better than a great pizza? A great, affordable pizza!

This pizza only costs RM18 and is bursting with gorgeousness.

Bianco is located in Damansara Perdana, and looks like the most unlikely place to serve anything which will knock your socks off.

But if you ever visit the place, the pizza is a must.

It’s got a cute selection of cup cakes and ginger cakes too..

Bianco is mainly outdoor sitting, under the stars, or if it rains, it has a canopy handy.

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We had the calamari rings, which were so-so.. Crispy and well deep fried, but there were more deep fried zucchini than there were calamari… The calamari had hardly any flavour 🙁

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The Duck Risotto sounded really exotic and exciting, but while it was nicely presented, the stuffing was way too salty and the texture of the risotto too heavy.

See.. generous with their filing.. but oh so salty!

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The Marinara was also on the ‘so-so’ side. Nothing spectacular and lacking in that seafood-oceanic flavour…

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And for dessert, as the grand finale, we had, the apple cinnamon mascarpone cheese pizza… Yup! sweet, sweet pizza… bring it on…

It was delicious (and that’s why i say, only the pizzas are worth the try at this restaurant), but we could not taste the mascarpone cheese … boo-hoo 🙁

I think it’s coz mascarpone cheese is way expensive, and that if they used it, Bianco would be force to hike up the prizes of their dessert.. don’t u think?

Food : 3/10

Pizza :7/10

MSG level : low

Service : Good


Then.. as we were sitting there, under the moonlight, digesting our food…

my friend whips out her new HTC Touch…


It’s gorgeous! Totally a chick’s phone. The white one that is..

(they also do it in a sleek, sexy black that guys may like i suspect…)

Anyway, here it is… !

Cute right? Even has the sun and moon to tell you the week’s weather..

And it’s cheap too… only RM1900.

And the coolest part… is that it has this touch flo interface.. like the ipod

Just slide your thumb over the screen to move the icons..

And then, my OTHER friend decided to whip out his mobile phone the O2, because he was feeling left out..

See? It’s virtually the same size.. innit?

But the HTC is like a zillion times lighter


… WAY slimmer than the O2 !!!

What’s more, they just launched the Ty TN II … (the mighty Titan!! )

GPRS and Wifi…! How cool is that ? But like RM3K man..

I don’t care.. I want the HTC. I’m gonna get it.


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