Chinese in San Diego

Were you wondering where the Chinese get good chinese food in San Diego… Or anybody for that matter…

You know how i suffered junk food withdrawal symptoms on Day 3?

Well, by Day 5 , I was missing chinese food… (Incidentally , the order of food craving says a lot about my eating priorities eh?!)

so… we went in search of some!

The Chinese restaurant was clean and sterile…

And it looked a little too functional… more fluorescence than incandescence, if you know what I mean.

However, when the chili arrived… my eyes lite up!

I was home.

Feel the burn.. hurray … 🙂

We had herbal soup.. which was a real treat…

and deep friend Tofu !

The shrimp was huge and bursting with juice … and tasted like how chinese cooked shrimp was suppose to taste…

By now I was pretty constipated from the Mexican and American food.. so… plenty of veges please…
enter the Brinjal mix vege
And the “kangkung“!!!

Very very good.. just like in KL !

And as if that whole selection wasn’t impressive enough,

they ended the night with “Tong Shui“…. water chestnut … and compliments of the chef too.. no less!!!

I felt pretty good about this meal..



Which was just as well…

because the bill was like a resounding $100 bucks … Like 300 ringgits!

Killer expensive right? Even the Asian Fusion and Mexican meals were cheaper…

Remind me to cook the next time I have a chinese craving in the US… lol

Food : 7.5/10
Service : Amazing
Cleanliness : Amazing
Price : less than amazing… sky high!

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