La Bodega at Telawi and at Pavilion KL

(LB, upstairs, at Telawi)

WOW! It’s that time of year again… the Christmas decorations are out at La bodega… Sigh… makes you wonder where the year went doesn’t it…??

Seems like just the other day….

We were playing charades ….

and making a din….. at our favourite place ….

giggling, yelling and laughing… at ourselves… !!!

All things good happen at La bodega…

There are many places that make good breakfast… Fogal Meat Market, at Hartamas, for example..

However, La Bodega is way cozier!

Hmmmm…. snug, comfortable, easy, contended…. at Bodega. We like this place a lot 🙂

By the way, La Bodega has opened at the Pavilion too:D


( LB at Pavilion)

Hurray… Another place to go and chill out after a hard day’s shopping…

Super !

Food : 6/10
Ambiance : 7/10
MSG level : low
Price : moderate and value for money!
Service : very good!


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