Ninja Jones

Why is a Japanese restaurant called Ninja Jones? What a name! So bizarre!

When I was told about this place I just thought that it was plain strange and assumed that Mr Ninja Jones would have no clue on how to create great Japanese cuisine.
I was wrong!
This restaurant is tucked away in the North Building of Midvalley, KL. Just ask for directions at the Main shopping center if you get lost.

Firstly before i hit the food review, let me just congratulate Ninja Jones on their super friendly and well mannered staff. They made our dining experience really fun!
Take for example Carol (above left) – she was our waitress for the day and she made sure she took good care of us – service with a smile. If all service personal were like that, what a delight! Carol is from Myanmar and she was telling us about the horrors in Yangon. Her mother told her not to return just yet, and that KL is far safer. Despite her adversities and her worries about home and family, she continues to display a positive attitude. Very nice person.
The other person who was equally delightful was the Ninja man! He served us all our dishes.. This was an interesting touch and added some mystery to our dining experience. Definitely innovative and different … I like !

One thing you will notice at Ninja Jones is an extensive salads menu. Most Japanese places don’t offer much choice in terms of vegetables let alone salads. Most places cook their veges to death.
Anyway, for the green lover, (like me), NJ is the place that satisfies … not only that, the salad rolls are amazing. What you see above is the avocado and soft shell crab namaharumaki salad. The paper used for the roll is akin to the Vietnamese rice paper roll. This salad is bursting with succulence and yet crunchy due to the greens. Trust me, a must eat!

The sashimi was no less amazing. We were recommended the seasonal fish and this did not disappoint either . What you see above is Mekajiki (swordfish), Ishidai (white fish), Maguro chu toro (fatty tuna belly) and the hiramasa (yellowtail family).

Now we were really getting warmed up for the mains..

Enter the spider roll….

Followed by the Dynamite Roll…
(I must say at this point in time, the only thing I felt slightly disappointed with was the fact that the dynamite roll, was less than dynamite. Not hot enough la.. common… please improve on this NJ)

And the grand finale… Kobe beef, on a hot stone. Medium rare… 100 gram of exquisite, melt in the mouth, succulent, air-flown beef… nothing but the best… of course..

Food : 8/10
Service 9/10
MSG levels : moderate
Ambiance : 7/10
Price : High end

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