La Fite, KL

Looking for some good French, we headed down to Lafite, KL. Imagine our despair with they told us that lafite had renovated, not just its restaurant front, but its menu as well. It now serves ‘fusion’. Alamak! so many places serve fusion.. so few good French outlets. Never mind , we started the night off with cocktails. I was already drunk from the cocktails that husband made at home, but never mind that ;PThe martini extra dry was so-so. The long island tea was really rather interesting – boiling hot liquid at the bottom, and freezing steaming cream on the top. You drink it as the two surface layers mix together to normalize the extreme temperatures.
We were then shown to our table and as we were hungry, we wanted the works.a truffle and brie concoction to tickle the palate.. followed by a gnocchi dish.
Then we got down and dirty with the starters – foie gras mango otherwise known as NO.8 (like in some james bond flick).
For the main course Oyster Tzaziki for the lady and Lamb Cappuccino for the guy .. all served fusion style.We finished it off with the Crepes Suzette – served on a hot plate.
The orange caramel was administered to the dish via a mini pipette.To make our entire eating experience extra special they gave us a sunflower(my favourite flower – how did they know!) as a parting gift. There were nitrogen sorbet ice balls at the base of the sunflower. CIKI tried to eat the nitrogen sorbet ice balls using nothing but his tongue… hahaha All in all, a nice dining experience :):)
Ambiance : 8/10
Friendliness of staff : 7/10
Food : 7/10
Price : High side
MSG level : Low

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