Cepat ke Tanjung Sepat

CUMI: Is it really worth it to drive 2 hours from PJ to a little seafood haven in nearby Sepang area? Unless you are seeking fresh seafood, famous steamed rice buns, well cooked meals, the smell of the straits, seafood snacks and some weekend time to spare then yes it is.
After reading reviews from other more popular food blogs, i dragged ciki on a little out of town trip to Tanjung Sepat for dinner. On the way, we stopped by Morib beach because i wanted to recee the sand courts to organise a weekend beach volleyball friendly. This location was popular several years ago for beach volleyball tournaments. When we arrived at early evening high tide, we saw teens playing beach football at the courts. No volleyball poles insight! The sand courts and surrounding grounds look dilapidated and really dirty-smelly. Why can’t Malaysia ever keep its attractions clean? The place was practically strewn with garbage; assortment of fruit peels (durians, rambutans, langsat, ..), peanut shells, plastic bottles, food wrappers and more! Definitely not a welcoming experience for anyone. It’s amazing how any visitor can sit next to piles of decaying rubbish and enjoy the moment. Monkeys were seen feeding on the leftovers, making a further mess. Needless to say, we didn’t stay too long for this.

CIKI: We found the seafood restaurant we were looking for without much hassle. OCEN restaurant was well lit and full of hungry people! We managed to find a tight spot in a corner, and settled down to the business of eating. Since we were only two persons, there was only so much we could order, but we vowed to be back if the food was good, bringing our friends with us. We had the shellfish (lala) in wine and ginger, the fried squid and the egg omelet with baby lala otherwise known as HorChien..

The food pretty average.. we felt a little woozy from the MSG.

Before we left, we bought some home made fish keropok and chili sauce. We also took a stroll along the man made jetty before leaving for KL. Not a bad place for seafood if you are bored with Tanjung Harapan, Teluk Gong, Fatty crab, and are looking for some place new to go, which is further out of town. This place is obviously a small town with little activity and you can judge this from the size of the Karaoke joint they have here. It’s of warehouse proportions – i mean literally! The people of Tanjung Sepat congregate in a makeshift karaoke parlor, with just a karaoke box, huge ass speakers, and rows of plastic chairs for seats. They sing their lungs out and the night away in this garage warehouse ! Totally amazing. Be warned though, that it is not the best seafood we have had to date, of course … but there is enough going on to surprise you, whilst keeping your belly warm, if not totally satisfied..

Food : 5/10

MSG level : moderate

Cleanliness : 5/10

Price : Moderate (for seafood that is !)

Entertainment : 7/10 (high marks for ingenuity! karaoke lives on !!)

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