Fish Paste Noodles, WAN WAN Kota Kinabalu

Wan-Wan is spacious and clean… lots of tables.. and lots of hungry customers !

On the left is noodle made from fish paste.. Whilst on the right you see springy yellow “kon-low” mee
For those of you who are in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, and looking for some good, cheap coffee shop food, try WAN WAN coffee shop, on Jalan Bundusan, opposite Wong Kok Market, Beverly Hills area.
This coffee shop is packed for lunch and their speciality is a fish paste noodle dish. It is prepared dry(kon-low), in soup (non-spicy) or for those who like spicy (like CIKI) in tomyam soup.
The fish paste is fresh and the unusual item is this flat, kwey teow looking noodle – except that it is not noodle, it is made from fish paste! Truly delicious and highly recommended !
Food : 7/10
MSG level : NIL
Cleanliness : 6/10
Price : Low
Staff : Friendly

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