Bad case of the crabs – Tanjung Harapan

my colleague took me to klang to eat these huge ass crabs.. I mean look at the size of em.. For perspective, i’v included a photo of my colleague’s face… haha.. ( and he is a big boy, by the way… i mean like, my colleague is 6’2″ and built like a wrestler.. but he’s damn hamsum ok:P)
only the salt-baked, deep-fried (yim-kok-hai) will do.. don’t order any other style because this is the bomb.

The place : Tanjung Harapan, Klang
How to get there : Head towards North Port and keep going till u see the Tanjung Harapan sign
Name of Restaurant : Port Village.. (don’t eat at the others.. they all suck)


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