What’s so Wonderful About Brick Lane, London?

There is no place more vibrant in London than the cobbled streets of Brick Lane. This little area in the East part of the city is full of surprises, which means you are guaranteed to discover something new on each visit. A tour of London would not be complete without a detour to the East side of the city to check out Brick Lane. But what exactly makes Brick Lane so wonderful? Several things, actually.

The Street Art

Photo by Alfonso Cenname on Unsplash

Brick Lane is home to some of the most fascinating street art pieces in the world. They can be found on building walls, fences, shop front shutters, and alleyways. They also feature different themes. Some are funny and cartoonish, others are serious and thought-provoking, and the rest are abstract. It’s important to note that many of them were created by renowned artists. Worldering Around points out that Banksy’s Designated Graffiti Area piece can be found in the Cargo nightclub beer garden, while another piece, His Master’s Voice, is located on the corner of the Cargo’s courtyard. If you are an art enthusiast or are particularly fascinated by street art culture, Brick Lane is definitely a good place to start.

The Music Scene

Image Credit: Rough Trade Facebook Page

The area is also a hotbed for indie music acts, considering the numerous jazz bars and live music venues found here. You’ll find many musicians/buskers playing on the sidewalks, waiting for passersby to drop coins in their hats.

A visit to Rough Trade East is where you can find some of the best independent records. Aside from selling vinyl and CDs, the shop also holds live music performances and various other events. You can also use their photo booth for a souvenir and post it on social media with the #RoughTradeEast.

The Vintage Treasures

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Many shops on this street sell a variety of vintage items, and you’ll find most of them at the famous Brick Lane Market. Its appeal lies in the thrill of not knowing what you’ll find. Brick Lane is a maze of stalls, shops, and street vendors that sell all sorts of things, such as vintage furniture, thrift clothes, bric-a-brac, and other curios. Although the shops are open every day, the best time to visit is on Sundays, when sellers spill onto the street to offer their second-hand wares or stage entertaining performances. It’s truly a vibrant scene, and you might just bring home some really good finds.

The Glorious Food

Image Credit: Brick Lane Beigel Bake Facebook Page

Last but definitely not least is the food. The diverse culinary culture in Brick Lane is another of its main attractions. The street is home to renowned restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, and food stalls, which is why it’s the perfect hub for foodies. You can munch on a bagel at Brick Lane Beigel Bake or try out Bangladeshi sweets at Alauddin Sweets. Brick Lane is also famous for its large concentration of curry houses, which means you can’t leave the place without eating some. Why not help yourself to a chicken curry or any other South Indian specialty at The Monsoon?

Now that you’re well informed about Brick Lane, be sure to add it to your London itinerary. If you need any other ideas on where to go in the UK, feel free to browse through CC Food Travel’s UK section.

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