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Hey babe..

What’s up babe?


When you think of Babe Japas, the name Jeff Ramsey automatically comes to mind, as the man who helmed the Tapas Molecular Bar in Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, and helped earn it, its first Michelin star . But all those tales of shiny accolades do not even do justice to his creativity where deconstructed food is concerned.

We had some expectations, oh for sure.

But this. We didn’t expect.

Food sorcery that pushes the limits of the mind and stomach. No wonder they call it fun dining – where nothing laid before you on the plate is quite what it seems.


Here’s what diners have to look forward to, on the current ala carte menu (changes after 1st July) as well as the upcoming Wagyu A5 promotion (July 4th – July 30th 2017).

From the Ala Carte Menu ….

Mozzarella Explosion


If this opening number was aimed to impress, then impress it did. Unassuming looking spherical mozzarella balls upon close inspection, weren’t what they seemed. With one swift pop into the mouth, the sphere exploded, sending a gush of mozzarella water cascading and coating the mouth with refreshing flavours of cheese and basil.

Luscious Japanese Amela Fruit Tomato, slinky basil oil and voluptuous mozzarella made up a buccal ménage à trois one wouldn’t soon forget. Just enough of a teaser to make you hanker for more.

Shimaaji Flower


Sliced shimaaji fish with white konbu powder…


The king of the seaweed, draped each sliver of striped horsemackerel in white, powdery umami ..  sending my body in to catatonic bliss with each mouthful. If only all flowers were this sublime when eaten.

Grilled Oyster


Grilled French Royal Oyster with Tama Miso…

All you need is love…?  I’d beg to differ.. All you need are oysters.

And super fresh ones at that. Grilled then topped in a simple, creamy glaze bolstered with just a dollop of tama miso. Velvety and rich, this egg miso sauce was the perfect foil for the magnificent molluscs.



Another incredibly fun yet tasty creation at Babe..

Ice cream sandwich made in house (even the packaging is designed by the chef himself) – each bite is a surprise as anticipation of a sweet mouthful of ice-cream is met instead with savory, cold creamy foie gras, mirin and VSOP Brandy!

Black Truffle & King Crab Chawanmushi


Japanese steamed egg with Black Truffle & King Crab Ankake – rich, decadent and intoxicatingly musky thanks to prized, subterranean fungus.  Loved every silken mouthful of it.

Pina Colada


If you think Pina Colada belongs only on the cocktail menu, think again.  Chef Ramsey takes a classic favourite and turns it into dessert – Caramelized pineapple & banana compote, spiced rum, coconut cream, topped with vanilla syrup, lime zest and bunga kantan.. ooo yum. Great one for the dessert buffs.

Sneak peak of the Wagyu Promotion …. 

There are two options for the Wagyu Promotion menu, 4 courses plus snacks is priced at RM 610++ per person, while 6 courses plus snacks is priced at RM 930++. The menu choices are as follows:


1. Wagyu Beef Tendon in Ponzu with Chili Radish and Spring Onion

Chef Ramsey does justice to the Wagyu tendons because these fibrous collagen bites turned out soft and well seasoned. The acidity of the citrusy ponzu complemented each mouthful of gamy wagyu tendon perfectly.


2. Chicken Skin Crisp with Wagyu Liver Parfait, Red Wine Caramelized Onions and Pickled Mustard Seed.

These are so beautifully presented I almost forget the sinful embodiment of fat in each mouthful:P I mean chicken skin.. wagyu liver parfait… it doesn’t get more unctuous than this. Yet each mouthful is refreshingly light and goes down so easy. That’s the food sorcery I was referring to earlier, personified.

3. Bulgogi Cotton Candy (not featured here)

Dishes – Ala carte option available
1. Raw Matsuzaka A5 Strip with Caviar, Uni, Fresh Grated Wasabi, Soy Gel, Gold Leaf
RM 140 ++ per piece (not featured here)

2. River Stone Cooked Kobe A5, Sauces (40g), RM 160++ (not featured here)


3. Semi Seared Australian MB9+ Wagyu Nigiri Sushi with Arima Sansho 4pcs, RM 160++

By semi seared, the Chef means, raw on one side. Seared on the other. You can either go for the kill and pop the entire nigiri in your mouth, or go half an half. I prefer the latter. You get twice the oral pleasure, as opposed to one. Ahem.

4. Charcoal Grilled Kagoshima A5 Ribeye with Yuzu Kosho and Narazuke (55g), RM 160++ (not featured here)


5. A5 Tartare “yukkwe” Pear, Brioche Rounds, Sesame Aioli, Sesame Oil Powder (50g), RM160++

Best dish of the night, hands down. Chef Ramsey says that with the highest quality Wagyu, you let the meat do the talking. I’m totally inclined to agree. This raw beef tartare, comprises 4 types of wagyu – the Australian, the Kobe, the Matsuzaka , the Kagoshima – A5 no less and a marbling of 12, this really is the Godfather of Wagyu. Eat it and weep you shall, especially when added to a dab of Sesame Aioli and tempered with sliced discs of fruity pear. Freaking amazing.


6. Sukiyaki of Kagoshima A5 Cube Roll, Truffled Onsen Egg (55g), RM 160++

Also another revelational course for me at Babe. Wagyu meat so good, you stop talking. And let the meat do the talking. Of course.


Onsen egg elevates the slinky smoothness and richness to a point of gastroorgasmic no return.

Woe is me. Now I’ve sampled food at Babe’s, I can’t eat anywhere else.

Tragic but true;)


Choice of Wagyu Steak Charcoal Grilled Medium Rare Per 100g
(Kobe RM400++, Matsuzaka RM 360++, Kagoshima RM 275++, Australian RM225++)

The promotion runs from July 4th to July 30th, 2017. Go try it – it would be a travesty not to;)


Babe Restaurant  
11th Floor, Work@Clearwater, Jalan Changkat Semantan,
Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +603 2095 8599

Closed on Mondays, open from 6:00pm till 11:00pm

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