Snowed under by DC’s Japanese Snow Crab promotion!

It’s all about the Snow crab, this month, at Darren Chin’s culinary pad.

And let us just say, we don’t mind being snowed under by his selection of seafood this time round.


Irish oysters with a light ponzu, seagrapes and ikura ; Lobster mousse with uni foam and tempura of curry leaf ; Kabocha pumpkin croquettes with pickled turnips 

Oh, not at all. In fact, his food, makes us feel like we want to blog the hell out of it. Freshest snow we’ve had all year.

And if we could snort the thing, we probably would. It’s like an addictive habit that just won’t go away.

Well balanced, dry, acidic Larmandier-bernier for company in anticipation of Darren Chin’s latest 7 course discovery menu..

Well to be fair, dining at DC is an addictive habit that’s hard to kick. Not that we try very hard to resist. But we inevitably find ourselves going back for more.


Indonesian chu toro “zuke” with fennel salad

DC’s knack for creating memorable dishes is akin to the knack God has for creating organisms that live and pulsate in the subtle balance of the universe.

Equilibrium, harmony, balance. All adjectives that describe this wonderfully salubrious mouthful of tuna.


Amaebi – Smoked cured mackerel: Heirloom tomato granité: Lemon basil


Takao cold Somen with Bafun uni & Truffle Celeriac Cream

Call me, the bafun (pun intended), but I didn’t know till recently that there are over 200 types of sea urchins but only a small handful are consumed by us humans. Most uni that is served to us in better Japanese restaurants is Bafun uni (other types include Murasaki and Aka uni). Bafun reaches its peak season in the summer. During this period, the sea urchin’s gonads are particularly sweet, briny, and creamy.


Confit Smoked Butterfish “Mi cuit”: Pickled fennel : beetroot yoghurt: Nasturtium

Textural contrast and “blow me away” mouthfuls of sweet butterfish, and salacious caviar.. oh my.. super yum.

 Spring  – Snow Crab: Galacian octopus: green gazpacho

Spanish octopus and snow crab hide and seek… loved this number made more indelible thanks to the epifaunal crustacean.


Snow crab consomme: Lemon balm-fennel infusion

Is there anything better than tender chunks of snow-white crabmeat? Maybe only just matched by the simplicity of the naturally sweet and rich, concentrated snow crab stock.


Choice of either , Frech Sea Scallops Green papaya: “Tom sep” essence: Wild almond or Japanese Snow Crab, White Asparagus: Culantro “nam jim” : Gochujang hollandaise

Both equally sinfully good, but my vote goes with the Snow Crab of course. Not sure which blew my mind more.. the use of crunchy almond bits, or the Gochujang hollandaise.. it was all an amalgamation of sensory rapture.


Refreshment… Kalamansi granite: Yuzu-Mint yoghurt


Choice of either, Italian Veal Fillet; Poached in milk & lightly grilled : vegetables from the farm Or Japanese Kobe A3 Wagyu – 120g (additional RM158.00++) **Enhancement – supplement add-on Jean Larnaudie Duck Foie Gras – Pan Seared, 50g, RM70++**


Both the red meat were fabulous, but but but… Wagyu of course, before all else! And take our advice and take the “enhancement” Foie sure! 😉 

And for those who think that fine dining limits your choices, it’s Sky’s the limit and so are the choices at Darren Chin’s – it doesn’t just stop at two. You may also pick from Le Gibier; AOP pigeon de bresse (done 2 ways- slow roasted and confit legs) Or, Le Poisson Brittany French Sea bass, Crispy seared: Uni emulsion: vegetables from the farm Or, 1/2 Canadian lobster tail, butter poached and grilled on hay (additional RM158.00++).

7th course : Desserts in 2 parts


Part 1 – 100% Arabica coffee ice cream , spiced hairy banana : M’hence: Lemon Chantilly; Part 2 – Wild honey & milk Coffee croquettes: salty caramel, with black olive tapenade, dulcey pearls … all equally sweet and decadent, and super yum, of course. Or Le fromage – 5 types of cheese from the cheese trolley, for those who prefer savory desserts.

Always a pleasure dining at DC’s. Sound science and execution at non-exorbitant prices- doesn’t come much better than this. The Japanese Snow Carb fest will only be around for the next two months. Catch it before it leaves the building;)

DC’s 7 Course Discovery Menu
by Chef Darren Chin
(Featuring seasonal snow crab from Japan)
RM498 p/pax
*price subjected to 6% GST & 10% service charge



DC Restaurant  
44, Persiaran Zaaba, Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel:+60 3-7731 0502

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