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Travel these days, is easier than you think..

But why travel?

Recycling old tires

Well, I travel because it opens my eyes.


I travel to learn who I am.


I travel to learn who they are.


I travel to learn their way of life and customs..

Shan Noodles

I travel for great local cuisine..
Playing with the kids

I travel to form surprisingly tender relationships.

Qld - Skydiving

I travel to develop skills I didn’t know I had.

Rectangular Carom Board

I also travel to learn new languages and to get new perspectives on the world and on life..


So back to how travel these days is easier than you think.

Have you guys ever used Skyscanner?

We actually use it quite a bit because it helps us plan our holidays, search and compare cheap flights, hotels, car hire, etc, while being super user friendly.

We’ve recently been using it more and more, thanks to the latest phone app that makes it so easy to pick the best prices and the right time to travel anytime during the year, to any location of our choice.

Skyscanner App
The Skyscanner app makes it possible to always search for flights, hotels and car rentals, even on the go. It’s a great way to browse top offers, get deals push notifications and save recent searches.

Another thing we love is the Search “everywhere” feature,

Search and see where your travel budget will take you. Just key in your travel dates, leave the destination field empty and Skyscanner will tell you where you can go sorted by cheapest prices first. Perfect for spontaneous long weekend getaways, and those who love surprises and spontaneous travel:)



And budget is always key in looking for the right time to travel – the Cheapest month feature is great for planning when to go for vacation. Cheapest fare means more to spend on other things while on vacation. Read more about it here.

If you’re too lazy to keep checking yourself, sign up for the Price alerts feature – Sign up for Skyscanner’s newsletter and follow Skyscanner on Facebook so you’ll never miss their deals.

Skyscanner is a global travel search engine that doesn’t charge you any additional fees! Skyscanner is a totally free search service for all travellers. Skyscanner shows you the final prices from all airlines and travel agents so you can easily compare all options at once without having to open multiple tabs. Save time and money with Skyscanner.


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