2OX – Around France in 8 weeks

First time checking out 2OX, KL’s newest bistro and bar at The Row, and I already immediately loved the place.


From the same team who brought you Maison Francaise, it is little surprise that the menu is French. The main difference however is that while Maison was fine dining, 2OX is a bistro – far more relaxed and informal – the interior is comfortable and the service warm and friendly.


Ok true, they didn’t serve us french wines this time, but it’s really up to the owner, what she wanted us to celebrate with that fine afternoon, and who were we to refuse this delicious Cava?;) 

​Chef Thierry Le Baut stays true to his roots in banging out French classics, grilled on the lovely Josper, paired with robust wines from French vineyards, and what you have is a winning formula.


Gougère with Cheese, Epoisse Cheese Tartelette and Ceuf Meurette

So here we were, to check out their Sunday Brunch. With a thematic “around France in 8 weeks” concept, diners will get to experience French food, prepared in the manner of different regions.

Today, we would visit Bourgogne (Burgundy). The Bourgogne Sunday brunch is priced at RM108++ with soft beverages, or RM158++ with Free Flow of Red Wine or White Wine. First up, a starter platter of  Gougère with Cheese, Epoisse Cheese Tartelette and Ceuf Meurette. The Gougère with Cheese was lovely, and my favourite – a light, flaky puff pastry with an overwhelming Gougère Cheese flavour, it crumbled with a lovely consistency in the mouth. The Epoisse Cheese Tartelette , “stinky but incredibly yum” because the end result, a custardy creamy paste of the Burgundy French classic, is just fabulous for cheese addicts. And finally, the Ceuf Meurette a traditional dish from Burgundian cuisine based on poached eggs and meurette sauce or bourguignon sauce – rich and decadent.


Next up, the Pan Seared Fish with Tarragon sauce. This sea bass had a thick, super creamy sauce on it. Not my cup of tea. However, the fish was not overcooked and still succulent, which was nice.


And what’s there not to like about the classic, Boeuf Bourguignon?

Beef cheek braised in red wine sauce with tomatoes and carrots. Again, a nice deep rich flavour but some parts of my meat were overcooked and rather dry. Would have preferred a more tender cut.


And for dessert, Poire Poche Au Vin Rouge. This poached pear in red wine, vanilla ice cream was absolutely delicious in hot weather, and the pears in red wine might be, simple but really looked the business. Love it!


We are really rather looking forward to what else 2OX has in store for us, in the weeks to come.


The Row
56G, Jalan Doraisamy
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2692 2233


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