Stoke your fires, at Stoked.

After that incredibly fun and memorable Cape Mentelle event at Stoked, we vowed to return to eat our way through its menu.

Anyway, several months later, here we are again.


Baby Octopus, Chilled tomato puree, Avocado and smoked caviar

And these days, very little surprises us. Some weekends, we can’t even think of a place we’d rather dine at, apart from proven favourites. To visit our top 10’s, or to venture out to the new.. only to be disappointed, that is the recurring question. Ah, trust us, we know the argument well because, as jaded, KL-based gluttons, we’ve made them many times ourselves.


Roasted Beetroot with Blood Orange and Mascarpone Cheese

But once in a while, along comes a restaurant like Stoked, and with it, a breath of fresh air.

From the word go, entrees of super succulent octopus laced in refreshing tomato puree, to earthy beetroot marscapone numbers and finally melt in your mouth, fusion items such as foie gras with braised winter melon, your palate is in for the ride of its life.


Stoked’s melt-in-your-mouth Pan-Fried Foie Gras on Braised Winter Melon


Roasted Portobello mushrooms and Capsicum Relish

More earthiness in the form of Portobello mushrooms – mushrooms alongside fresh red & yellow capsicum.. the colors were beautiful and the sweetness of the peppers brought out the deep flavours of the fungus. Paired with the Saint Clair Wairau Reserve Sauvignon Blanc, this delicious pairing enhanced the crisp and intense aromatic currants of the wine, while its acidity and nice length complemented the meatiness of the mushrooms to perfection. Actually this first wine, paired famously with all the initial starters.


Then on to bigger and better things… Cotes du Rhone, E. Guigal


The super succulent, Bertha grilled Flounder.. the fish hails from Perak’s Melintang forest, meaning eating local has never been better practiced, than at Stoked KL. Priced at only RM70 we were surprised at how affordable this sea creature was.


And pairing this with the Cotes du Rhone, E. Guigal actually worked. Sexy florals, peppery notes and a gently tannic finish meant that it didn’t obliterate the subtle flavours of the Flounder. What can I tell ya.. a lightly charred, caramalized skin, acting as a canopy for the white, soft flaky flesh beneath, Stoked did not flounder on this flounder. Not in the least.


Guinea Fowl.. from a Semenyih farm.. classic case of how good things come in small packages.

This bird, had been brined for some long hours, before being basted in beer and put through the mighty Bertha fire, and grilled. Decidedly succulent, with a wafer thin, crispy skin. Almost translucent is how thin it was… wow. Gobsmacked at the flavour it packed.


Wings baby.. the wings are the best part.. 


Can’t rave enough about the amazing wines for food-wine pairing at Stoked.

Like for instance, this Fontodi Chianti Classico 2011. Voluptuous and tannic, this was the bomb, when paired with the unctuous steaks. Take a deep mouthful and I dare you not to taste tangerines, plums followed by a savory balsamic aftertaste.. definitely a full-bodied, yet mellow, savory wine. Best wine of the night hands down.


A 1.2KG Spanish cow, that was a portion to be reckoned with. Yes, yes, this Spaniard was a charlatan, I mean, Chulleton or beef chop from Cantabria. 


Clockwise : Roasted leeks with almonds: Me, modeling Parmigiano Reggiano.. reminds me of Bolgona! ; Roasted Pumpkin with Proscuitto, and Roasted Japanese Sweet Potatoes.


Some parts of the Spanish steak were nicely medium rare, but as it was so huge, the other bits on the periphery were overcooked – ie. almost well done.


Now the USDA Prime rib eye from the Pacific Northwest, I liked!

It had better marbling, was more evenly medium rare, and had a fatty toothsomeness that even the Spaniard could not top. Fabulously bloody.. make sure you order this.


Clockwise: Sticky date pudding, Sea coconut wantan with Yuzu, Apple phyllo pastry, and petite four.. sublime!

All the desserts we picked were good, but I liked the sticky date pudding best. Drenched in a warm caramel sauce and crowned with roasted pecans, this thing was just begging to be finished.

Stoked. Definitely visit for rave worthy seasonal dishes at affordable prices. And also great wine-food pairing.. trust us, this place will fan the fire in your belly, and stoke the embers of your appetite, till you’re hankering for more of the same. It’s that good.

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Stoked Restaurant and Bar
120-122 Jalan Kasah
Bukit Damansara
Kuala Lumpur
+ 603 2094 8262


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