Off to Hamburg for #STSHamburg !

No one, but no one tells you to visit Hamburg.

No one even tells you how cool Hamburg is.

Go visit Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt.. they say.

And so Hamburg, bigger than all but Berlin, remains a bit of a mystery, but that’s OK, because I am totally looking forward to meeting a Hamburgian (not the kind u eat) and also making that Beatle connection (not the kind u squash) walking the same streets as John Paul George, Pete, Stu and of course Ringo, once did.

Hamburg Speicherstadt - photo credit :

Hamburg Speicherstadt – photo credit :

And as luck would have it.. we are off to Germany once more, for the Social Travel Summit (STS), that is held in Hamburg, this year.

photo credit -

photo credit –

Taking place on the 20th to 22nd April 2015 in Hamburg, Germany, STS is where the world’s leading travel bloggers and travel industry decision-makers come together, meet, share, learn and develop best practices and collaborative success in the travel industry. Here’s what the participants at last year’s even thought about it. We will be representing iambassador at this event this year.. totally psyched and cannot wait:)

Of course, not to waste this golden opportunity, we will be arriving a couple of days earlier to explore Hamburg.. Germany’s second-largest city and biggest port should hold some exciting adventures to be sure. Located near the water, Hamburg was largely maritime in the past, but it has tons of multicultural eateries, and apparently a distinctive live- and electronic-music scene at cool harbourside venues, which we can’t wait to check out .. can you say party.. Oo-oo!

photo credit -

photo credit –

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Here’s a video of Hamburg, that my buddies Caspar Diederik & Mike Corey produced for the National German Tourism Board to celebrate the 25 years of reunification of Germany, after the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, to set the mood for this trip.

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  • Selba says:

    I was born in Hamburg! 😀 I miss Hamburg so much and hope that someday I could go back to Hamburg. Enjoy your trip to Hamburg and don’t forget to take a lot of pictures 🙂

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