Outback Steakhouse @ Nu Sentral KL

Outback Steakhouse, the American franchise with an Australian theme, has opened its steakhouse doors in Nu Sentral. While being an eatery that promotes hearty steaks, what folks are less aware of is probably the fact that this restaurant offers a lot more too, by way of chicken, ribs, seafood, and pasta dishes.

Portions at the Outback tend to be generous, and if dining in a casual atmosphere is your thing, then this restaurant should fit the bill.


Appetizer Duo – Tasty, crispy and spicy Kookaburra wings, that were finger smacking good – dip this is the blue cheese sauce for added decadence. Battered and deep fried mushrooms were just as good.


Crispy with a soft succulent mushroom center 


Aussie Cobb Salad  – Am a big fan of fresh salad, to go with my dinner, so I wasn’t particularly over the moon when they drenched my chicken in Thousand Island sauce. It was a little overkill.


Aussie Cheese Fries & the Coco Berry Smoothie – if you don’t mind the calories, this is one delicious snack that will have you licking the cheese off your fingers!


Green Apple Fresh Juice – refreshingly good! 


BBQ Beef Ribs


These ribs were fall off the bone tender. It had a smoky, BBQ-ed aroma that was just delicious. A tangy coating of special BBQ Sauce added a deep mahogany shimmer to each rib – esthetically irresistible, if you ask me.


Toowoomba Topped Sirloin


Our steak was cooked the perfect medium rare. The sauce you see on top is made from sautéed shrimp and button mushrooms in a cream sauce – a bit to creamy and rich for my liking. They were supposed to serve our sauce on the side but forgot. Otherwise, the steak was perfectly bloody, like the way we like it!


No Rules Burger – named as such, because you can pile it as high as you like, with a choice of toppings such as onion rings, beef bacon, cheese, eggs.. etc.


Chocolate Thunder from Down Under – dessert lovers will love this one. A pecan brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, drizzled with warm chocolate sauce, and finished off with chocolate shavings and whipped cream. Could almost hear the thunder in my ears by the time we were finished!


Outback steakhouse represents a great family restaurant for the weekends – come here for the Kookaburra wings, Steaks, Burgers and the super juicy, tender Ribs.

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Outback Steakhouse,
LG-27 & LG-28,
Nu Sentral Mall
No.201, Jalan Tun Sambanthan,
50470 Kuala Lumpur
T:+603 2276 6200 F:+603 2276 6400
FB www.facebook.com/OutbackSteakhouseML
Website www.outback-sea.com

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