#MeetSouthAfrica 2014 – Watch the Highlights in Video

One of the highlights for ms this year, was traveling to South Africa for the #MeetSouthAfrica campaign. In this awesome campaign, South African Tourism along with fourteen local and international bloggers (including me) explored this enchanted country and all the cultural gems it had to offer.


The Garden Route, and the Origin of Modern Mankind

From the majestic mountaintops in Cape Town to the unrestrained streets where Nelson Mandela lived in Soweto, we were shown the rich heritage made up by Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.

The bloggers were split in three groups – the luxury group, the culture and heritage group, and the adventure group.

I was lucky enough to be a part of the Luxury group.  The team included Ishay from Food and the Fabulous, Kat from My Slow Journey, Rob from Stop Having a Boring Life and Mauricio from AventureirosWe got up to a lot of crazy, fun and exhilarating stuff – Read the posts here:

Getting to know Jozi #MeetSouthAfrica

More adventures Way up High, with #MeetSouthAfrica

Exploring Port Elizabeth, with #MeetSouthAfrica

The Garden Route, and the Origin of Modern Mankind

Felt SUPER honoured too, to be interviewed regarding my experience in South Africa!

Team Luxury’s Video!

Our incredible journey was also captured in three picturesque videos, each portraying a unique aspect of South Africa.

What a fantastic time. Definitely only just scratching the surface. Am already planning my next trip back to visit Cape Town in 2015… woohoo!!  🙂

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