Penang Rojak & Cendol Ali

Here’s an update to our previous post on Top 3 Cendol spots in KL.. we are adding another!


This one is called Penang Rojak & Cendol Ali, and as the name suggests, the Rojak is very similar in style to that of the Penang rojak.


This Rojak van can be found parked in front of a motorcycle shop and near an overhead bridge along the NPE. The GPS location is at the end of the post, but the location is in the PJS1 area, off the NPE on the way to Sunway.


 “Where is my Cendol?!”  Eat Penang Rojak & Cendol Ali, grow up big and strong!

What’s great about this cendol is the amazing flavour of the Pasembur sauce and the incredibly crunchy bits, the fluffy tofu and crispy cucur and fritters in the Rojak. I love the way everything is buried under freshly julienned cucumbers and turnip, drowning in a super thick and nutty Pasembur sauce.


RM3.50 for the basic rojak

What bliss sinking your teeth into half of a perfectly cooked boiled egg, which totally propels this simple dish to one of hearty delectableness, if there was ever a word to describe it! Adding cuttlefish to the rojak makes it even tastier.

Then there is the matter of the Cendol.

The fabulous Cendol.


The green cendol strands are soft and springy with an intoxicating pandan aroma. Depending on what rocks your boat, you may add red bean, pulut rice, cincau jelly or corn but we just like it straight up with the sweet and salty coconut milk – ah.. and adding salt to the coconut santan is a must. It adds dimension to the dessert, otherwise it would just be a monochromatic sweetness that’s not as palatable. That pinch of salt, definitely adds an extra kick.


The ice shaving machine is also a cool contraption – hand operated by turning a wheel, white, fluffy ice is expertly shaved off from the noisy ice machine, that’s going a mile a minute, and fashioned into a mountain of ice, in a bowl below.



The guy then ladles the coconut milk with generous strands of soft cendol into the ice. He douses the lot in brown gula melaka. Only RM2.50 for this super tasty dessert that’s a real heat quencher in hot weather.


Talking to the regular patrons of the shop, they tell us that the soft, chewy pulut here is the bomb. Best in town! Take it from the Gangster Kampung Dusun…


Don’t Mess! 

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Penang Rojak & Cendol Ali,
Jalan PJS 1/26
Open: Daily, lunch – 7pm
3°04’54.3″N 101°38’42.6″E

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